After $760 billion borrowed from the American people and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, the sad conclusion of the American saga in Iraq is at hand: the ironic expansion of the Persian empire. As proven by the recent US embassy attack, the ease in which Iran mobilized a large scale movement in Iraq reveals one of two scenarios has occurred: a)

The Iraqi army is sympathetic to the Iran’s Shiite militias; b) There is no Iraqi army – and all that blood and money have been lost for nothing. While some will say this end has been inevitable since then PM Maliki brought the Iranian funded and backed Sadrists into his fold to solidify power, explaining why America backed an Iranian aligned state for so long – and at the expense of American relations with the Kurdish Regional Government- is hard to grasp.

After the KRG’s independence referendum, rather than supporting a proven ally in the region in their long-deserved quest for freedom, the United States opted to abandon the most successful ground force against ISIS to the disastrous fate of being overrun by Iranian backed forces and Shiite loyalists in Kirkuk – the same forces we now intend to fight on a massive scale. There are no plans in the Middle East, just a series of misguided reactions that continue the cycle of perpetual war. If, as we’re being told, a war with Iran will save American lives, why have all recent actions assisted Iran?

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