If you followed the media predictions during this most recent Iranian conflict, you’re probably wondering why WW3 isn’t being waged atop your flowerbeds.
With Iran’s tragic yet telling error of shooting down A Ukranian airliner containing mostly Iranians, as well as the number of anti-state protests that took place in the event’s aftermath, we obtain clues as to why draft letters remain unsent: the threat and power of Iran are pathologically exaggerated. Aside from the media’s bombardment of pre-war anxiety induction, which is always a profitable occasion for stations and websites, we learned that Donald Trump’s tweet of solidarity to the Iranian people was the most liked Farsi message in history.
All Americans, especially those who have grown up during the “War on Terror,” should be nervous when hearing about the people of foreign lands demanding freedom, but Iranian upheaval against their own state demonstrates exactly why further conflict and the associated collateral damage is unjust and undesirable. While America’s public appears to have built up a long-overdue resistance to the screeches of warmongers, events like that which occurred in Iran show how quickly war horns drown out public discourse when coordinately playing.
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