We’re on the verge of an economic and manufacturing boom.

It will completely reshape America and the markets as we know them.

I’ve been hinting at this boom for the last four years, offering you a piece of the pie with every mega trend I talk about.

Everything from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence and blockchain. From precision medicine to new energy and the millennial generation.

All these trends and more make up the big picture of America’s future.

What is the big picture, you ask?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution — what I’m calling America 2.0.

I’ll explain it all and tell you how you can profit from this revolution here:


I have to tell you that when I go online and read MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance or the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or any of these publications, they are missing it.

Missing, missing, missing it. They are not seeing the forest for the trees or the forest for the mountains for that matter. These publications are just focused on what’s right in front of them. This week it’s Iran. Before it was the recession, it was the inverted yield curve and any number of fears that they told you were going to stop this phenomenal bull market from continuing to rise.

As a result, a lot of people have missed out.


What I am going to tell you about right now is not in any newspaper, it’s not on any website, you can’t get it from anywhere except right here.

Today I want to lay out something that I have been working on for four years. It’s a little bit like Lego blocks. The first block I put in front of you was in 2016 when I told you how to invest in the Internet of Things (IoT) by buying semiconductor stocks.

Some of those stocks increased by 100%, others by 200% and some by 300%.

And I believe those stocks are going to go even higher because they represent the platform IoT is built upon.

But that is one piece of the puzzle. The trees, not the forest.

The IoT is also leading to an accumulation and explosion of data that is being parsed into information. This is how you have gotten big data, which has now turned into artificial intelligence (AI), another megatrend I have told you about.

Another tree, but still not the forest.

Other megatrends include block chain, new energy and the rise of this enormously large generation of Americans called millennials that are, in some cases, a global generation. You can see the impact of this generation all around the world. There’s precision medicine where drugs are made for you and your genetic code.

When you look at them one by one by one as blocks, the trees that make up the forest, sometimes you need to step back and look at the picture, the forest itself; and see what is forming as a whole right in front of you. When you look at it, what you are seeing is a fourth industrial revolution. Our entire world, our entire society, our entire country is being remade right in front of you.

And that’s the forest that finance media is missing.

The integration of these enormous megatrends into our daily lives— IoT, AI, new energy — is going to scale and affect all of us as a country, a nation, a people and a society, causing this fourth industrial revolution. That means you are going to see tangible signs of change all across our country and various industries.

I believe that is going to remake our country into what I am calling America 2.0.


We’ll have robotaxis in the form of self-driving Uber type fleets.

Doctors will provide genetic tests that find the perfect drug to combat your illness with the highest chance of working.

More of the energy we use will come from renewable sources.

Our house hold objects will connect to the internet so you can control your windows, doors, everything, through the cloud. Fully integrated, digital homes. Every aspect of our lives — bridges, roads, everything will be connected.

When you put it all together, it means, from an economic perspective, a boom. A boom of massive proportions that no one is telling you about and no one is truly prepared for in their portfolios.

Everyone except my readers.

Because the financial media is focused on the 2 days in front of them, of making ‘clicky’ news, instead of looking for the real trends.

If you are interested in America 2.0, the companies that are going to make it, the services and products that are going to form the essence of how life is going to be made in this country in 2020 and beyond, then check out Profits Unlimited.

This is my flagship service where America 2.0 and all the megatrends are the only things we focus on when we go to pick stocks.

The future is coming.


Paul Mampilly

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