Bloomberg’s Paid Memes Are Working Against Him! | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Bloomberg is a closet dictator who actually believes he is smarter than everyone else and who looks down on those who make America run! From the truckers who deliver food and supplies to the stores, the mechanics who keep cars & trucks on the road to the hard working farmers who feed us and the world, Bloomberg has had nothing but disdain for all of us who are in those sectors. His ignorant comment about farmers needing more “gray matter”, is he so foolish not to realize how many of them are Purdue graduates? How about his racial comments about how “blacks & hispanics don’t know how to act in the workplace?” My Lord, some of the hardest workers come in every race? What about his belief that we should allow our elderly to die, not deserving of life saving treatment? As if he is stupid enough to ignore the fact that our seniors helped build our Republic! I bet you he will never want for medical treatment, bc he’s rich & entitled, right, ha! How about his telling a staff member to “kill it” when she divulged that she was pregnant? Yeah, this guy is a dictator and not to be trusted, he surely is not fit to serve as our Commander in Chief!


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