Democrats Will Lose the House Over Failed Impeachment Bid | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Dems have done this to themselves. Trump had no intention of going after any of these people and had only wanted to fulfill his promises. First Dems attacked with the fake Russia collusion scam which has all came out to be a complete set up. After that failed the Urkraine impeachment scam came up and Pelosi knowing full well it would backfire, still pushed it along, another complete failure and it backfired even worse than Dems ever imagined. Not forgetting the Kavanagh scam which was in the beginning, everything Dems have done have failed causing all the corruption in the Democratic Party to come to light driving voters to support Trump. Not only have they handed the election to Trump, Dems and their pals the mainstream media have lost all support by voters and have exposed themselves to the public. Dems are their worse enemies and the mainstream media has lost all their power lying for the past three years and getting caught. Not only will Trump get another four years, Republicans will retake the House, add more Senators and a few more Conservative judges to the Supreme Court.


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