The Democrats failed to impeach President Trump, and that failure may have far reaching implications for the future political clout of the party. Not only did they gamble and lose on impeachment which will likely see Trump elected to a second term, but their failure may cost them the House.

According to pollster, John McLaughlin, the impeachment process in the House has backfired on Democrats. While speaking in an interview this past weekend, McLaughlin predicted the proceedings will cause Democrats to lose their House majority in 2020.

When asked by Host John Catsimatidis if the Democrats are in danger of losing their majority in the House of Representatives, McLaughlin replied, “Yes, It’s likely because what they’ve done so far is motivated Trump voters to come back out. … So, those Trump voters come back out in 2020 — the ones who voted for him in 2016 — plus if he broadens his base … the Republicans only need 20 seats to retake the House, and there are already 30 endangered Democrats in those seats. So, it could happen.”

McLaughlin added that former Vice President Joe Biden was also a big loser in the trial as more evidence surfaced throughout the process of the corruption allegations levied against him.

“He was the front-runner and when they went after President Trump on impeachment, on Ukraine, they really took down Joe Biden, because we knew there was video of him saying he got a prosecutor fired and we knew that there were corruption problems with Hunter Biden and the Biden family,” he explained.

McLaughlin’s comments come on the heels of a recent Gallup poll that showed President Trump’s approval rating has jumped to the highest it has ever been, following his acquittal in the Senate.

One thought on “Democrats Will Lose the House Over Failed Impeachment Bid”
  1. Dems have done this to themselves. Trump had no intention of going after any of these people and had only wanted to fulfill his promises. First Dems attacked with the fake Russia collusion scam which has all came out to be a complete set up. After that failed the Urkraine impeachment scam came up and Pelosi knowing full well it would backfire, still pushed it along, another complete failure and it backfired even worse than Dems ever imagined. Not forgetting the Kavanagh scam which was in the beginning, everything Dems have done have failed causing all the corruption in the Democratic Party to come to light driving voters to support Trump. Not only have they handed the election to Trump, Dems and their pals the mainstream media have lost all support by voters and have exposed themselves to the public. Dems are their worse enemies and the mainstream media has lost all their power lying for the past three years and getting caught. Not only will Trump get another four years, Republicans will retake the House, add more Senators and a few more Conservative judges to the Supreme Court.

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