Liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who surprisingly testified on the behalf of President Donald J. Trump during his impeachment trial, is now calling for new leadership for the Democratic Party.

In the wake of the president’s acquittal, the Harvard Law professor slammed congressional Democrats during a Sunday interview on The Cats Roundtable with John Catsimatidis. Dershowitz declared all Americans as the victors of Trump’s acquittal, and he accused Democratic leadership of abusing the Constitution.

“This week was a good week for United States Constitution,” he said. “The Constitution won. The people who tried to abuse the Constitution on the Democratic side of the House and Senate lost.”

Dershowitz, one of the key members of the president’s impeachment defense team, said Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer deliberately, and dangerously, mischaracterized his constitutional defense of the president. “He thinks that I would’ve opposed the impeachment of Richard Nixon … I was strongly in favor of the impeachment of Richard Nixon. But he and his colleagues got together because my Senate speech had been effective, and it persuaded certain senators, and Schumer just decided to lie about it,” he said.

Dershowitz argued during the Senate trial that the articles of impeachment do not fall under the Constitution’s criteria of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The Harvard Law School professor emeritus claimed the House’s abuse of power and obstruction of Congress articles were so broad that they would have led to the impeachment of many presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

“Senator Schumer just lied through his teeth when he … misdescribed what I said on the Senate floor. Basically, he said that I think the president can do anything he wants: commit crimes, kill his opponents, tamper with the election,” Dershowitz said earlier in the interview, while noting he believes presidents should be impeached if they do commit crimes.

He then said he wants the Democrats to win in Congress but believes they will not succeed under the party’s current leadership.

“I think Schumer and Pelosi have to go. Schumer, because of his history of lying. You know, Pelosi actually called for me to be disbarred … because I had persuaded some senators … And then tearing up that speech, and bringing forward impeachment on unconstitutional grounds. I think the Dems need new leaders if they have any chance of returning to power in a two party system.”

2 thoughts on “Dershowitz Says Dems Need New Leaders in Wake of Trump’s Impeachment”
  1. I think Dershowitz comments are authentic and a correct interpretention of the poor use of impeachment. Leaders should be removed by their constiuants when they repeatedly use poor judgment.

  2. So Trump getting away with TREASON is good for the American People and the Constitution? Come on, even you can’t that stupid — where did you get your law degree?

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