“Game Over!” Says Trump as Old Videos of Bolton Surface | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    I have some grammatical and spelling suggestions: “The Clash of ideas is the sound of freedom” needs a period: [“The Clash of ideas is the sound of freedom.”]

    We have the conflicting goals of making sure every one [everyone] is free to speak, and monitoring those who would use their speech to advocate taking other [others’] freedoms away. Its [It’s] a tightrope we have to walk.

    Our slogan is from Ladybird Johnson. She is perhaps not the most famous of philosophers [insert comma] but her words capture the intent of Patriots 4 Freedom.

    These are dangerous times. We will do our best to keep you informed of the most agregious [egregious] acts of anti-freedom. But its [it’s] YOU who must act against them.


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