Some lunatic lefties are casting blame on ‘Russian propaganda accounts’ for the shameful debacle that occurred at the Iowa caucuses earlier this week, fulfilling President Donald Trump’s prediction that they would do just that.

As most are well-aware of by now, earlier this week, the results from Iowa’s caucus were delayed due to a “reporting issue” having to do with an app called Shadow. Interesting enough, the owner of the app is Tara McGowan – a Pete Buttigieg supporter who happens to be married to one of his key advisors.

On Monday night, despite the internal poll numbers suggesting that Bernie Sanders had come out on top, Mayor Buttigieg declared victory anyway. Twitter responded to Buttigieg’s premature victory lap by prompting the hashtag #MayorCheat to trend, which in turn incited unhinged Buttigieg supporters to claim that the hashtag, of course, was the creation of Russian bots.

Shortly after the Iowa caucus disaster began saturating the news media’s headlines, President Trump tweeted: “When will the Democrats start blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, instead of their own incompetence for the voting disaster that just happened in the Great State of Iowa?”

But the loonies on the left had already been doing just that prior to Trump’s tweet.

“Morons! #MayorCheat is trending because Russia is manipulating you idiots. Fuck all this! How are Americans this fucking stupid?” wrote Edan Clay.

“#MayorCheat Russia trolls are starting this and morons are making this trend stop,” tweeted another loon

“While I can’t yet prove it, I feel safe in saying that both #BernieWon and #MayorCheat are trending because Russian propaganda accounts are amplifying them,” tweeted David Slack.

“Putin’s goal is to divide us. Instead, let’s stand together, elect Democrats, and sanction his ass out of office,” Slack added.

“If you are legitimately tweeting the #MayorCheat hashtag then you are either: a) A Russian operative b) A GOP operative or c) A useful idiot playing right into Trump/Russia’s strategy of dividing the Democratic party,” another user tweeted.

By taking a quick look at some of these tweets, it’s clear that instead of taking a good look in the mirror, doing a bit of soul searching, and truly asking themselves why they lost in 2016, many on the left would prefer to just blame Russian bots. Perhaps, they fear that what they would see in the mirror is far too ugly to reform.

Democrats will be given another jolt to their nervous system and another opportunity to soul search after they lose again in 2020. Maybe then they’ll stop blaming Russia for their failures and inadequacies. Don’t count on it though.




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