Since Donald Trump’s impeachment acquittal, the GOP had been on the march! Nowhere is this more evident than in the unprecedented surge in candidates for 2020 House and Senate seats.

According to reports, a record number of Republicans have filed to run for the House and Senate this election cycle. The surge mirrors that of the 2018 midterms, where more Democrats were running for office compared to previous elections. The current surge in Republican candidates is an apparent response to the election of more radical progressive and socialist-leaning candidates whom Democrats pushed to victory the last election.

“I’m a conservative wife, mother, and businesswoman who 100% stands with President Trump and against the left-wing socialists who want to wreck our country.” So says Marjorie Greene a Republican congressional candidate running in Georgia’s 14th District.

Meanwhile, New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced she will be endorsing over a dozen female progressive congressional candidates through her political action committee.

Ocasio-Cortez confirmed via twitter, that the move is part of her greater push to elect a “progressive majority” to Congress. The congresswoman said the idea behind the move is to “open the door” for political newcomers and “reward political courage” in Congress.

Among her endorsements, AOC is backing several long-shot candidates who are running against Democrats endorsed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

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