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    Inscrutable One

    Sad that it was obvious that the Republicans voted to protect their a____, rather than doing the right thing. Several of the Republicans admitted and agreed with the Democrats that Trump was wrong, yet they were determined to suck up to the evil doer and continue letting the self-centered idiot to do anything he wants to do. The danger is that the Republicans support Trump’s corruptness with the hope he will return the favor and save them. All they did was divide the country as it was obviously evident and consistent with Trump’s narcisstic, self indulging driven motive.
    Unfortunately, a select few will reap the most benefit of Trump’s so-called leadership, while the majority of the rest of the U.S. population will continue to suffer in their stagnant situation of being dominated and taken advantage by the small inner circle of Trump’s deviants.
    Trump and his supporters will divide the country and widen the gap to satisfy their greed. The country will become more split, animosity, and unfairness will reign. The less fortunate will either receive a paltry token in a failed attempt to appease the masses, or, they will be conned/tricked into agreeing something that is not apparent and that they are getting the “short end of the stick”.
    Things will continue as “business as usual, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” As the corrupt politicians now say, “Get use to it.”.


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