War of Words Between Trump and Schiff Escalates | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Pat Morgan

    Degan vegan Schiff is of Russian descent. He made up the whistleblower and from what I have read, he used his daughter’s boyfriend’s name for the identity. He is writing a play about a spy and considers himself the star. He apparently plans to use the impeachment records for most of his script. He is a “pos” but could be helped by force feeding him a fleischig steak with Metamucil sauce. In conclusion he is the epitome of evil and lower than a Chan’s belly. When he dies, he will have to look up to see hell!

  2. 2

    James LaRose

    Take them DOWN Mr. President. MAGA

  3. 3


    Why has he been cut off already? Clearly he’s not trustworthy. The only thing he knows how to say is that Trump betrayed his country. Try for some originality Shitty Schiff

  4. 4


    Plain and simple! Schiff needs his ass kicked to shut his clap trap mouth!

  5. 5

    Brian Brodkorb

    Go Schiff! Trump is a TRAITOR and now you all know it! If you still support him now, you’re TRAITORS too!


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