Amidst dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, President Trump says he is “strongly considering” a pardon for his one-time national security director, Michael Flynn.

Flynn had been scheduled to be sentenced in late February, but Judge Emmet Sullivan postponed it indefinitely after prosecutors filed a rare motion to delay a number of approaching deadlines that would have made the Feb. 27 sentencing date unlikely. Flynn had also moved to withdraw his guilty plea, claiming that federal prosecutors had acted in bad faith.

“So now it is reported that, after destroying his life & the life of his wonderful family (and many others also), the FBI, working in conjunction with the Justice Department, has ‘lost’ the records of General Michael Flynn,” Trump tweeted. “How convenient. I am strongly considering a Full Pardon!”

Trump’s claim that the FBI said the “lost” records related to Flynn echoes a motion filed on Flynn’s behalf in January that highlighted information that has come to light since Flynn’s guilty plea — including that no precise record of Flynn’s statements to agents exists and that the original handwritten FD-302 witness report from the interview is “missing,” with subsequent versions later “edited” in some undisclosed manner by anti-Trump FBI officials.

In a court filing, Flynn’s lawyers said the Justice Department was attempting to “rewrite history” by withdrawing its recommendation that he be sentenced to probation and by suggesting he had not been forthcoming or cooperative.

“It’s just been one atrocity after the other,” Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell told Fox News’ Sean Hannity in January. “They breached the plea agreement when they tried to withdraw their motion to recommend that he was going to be given probation,” she said.

The Justice Department, led by Attorney General Bill Barr, is now reviewing the handling of Flynn’s case.

The president  has granted pardons or clemency to a number of people in recent weeks, including former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. and former New York Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik. There had been speculation that the president could pardon Flynn, as well as former associate Roger Stone, who was sentenced in February to 40 months in prison for charges including lying to Congress and witness tampering. That case had also spun out of the Russia probe.

4 thoughts on “Is Trump Going to Pardon Flynn?”
  1. The President is the only opposition to the rampant abuse of power being exercised by the corrupt DC Bureaucracies.

  2. I hope he does. The crooked FBI and CIA people got off Scott free. The Russian probe was proven false so then they’re not guilty. Of course we’ll hear from shitface Schiff and obstruction of justice. Love those crooked democrats. Maybe they’ll get coronavirus and pass away. Nancy start praying. For someone who’s a devout catholic she sure loves abortion. Did anyone tell her it’s against the religion.

  3. Flynn committed TREASON and essentially got away with it! It Trump the Traitor pardons him, EVERYONE ( except his illiterate racist supporters ) will know what a TRAITOR he really is!

  4. I don’t know the entire story!! But do believe in the God given Bible to
    Swear under oath to tell the truth God will take care of liars. U must pray and nit your will but God’s will be done President Trump u follow that Bible of your Mother’s in the White House Word of God u will not do wrong. I believe that a person should not pay the price for liars. Liars have a place to go for their going against God Word. Trust and obey for there is no other way then to trust in JESUS!! See u in Heaven!! Do God’s will not the Worlds Way in which we live in such a corruption. This week end I wasn’t robbed from everything food, money, all my ID’s gift card from my family, credit cards and debit cards, lic, ins info, social security card all of my personal identification is gone from Thieves three of them with masks on that we have to wear today covered them up to where they couldn’t be seen their faces could not be ID from police. This is a pandemic where Thieve have a way to get by with their miss-behavings. So I understand when falsely wronged done. God bless President Trump snd Family and God bless America! President Trump we love you My son Martin Myers headed up rallies every week end all over the State of Missouri. I want you to know President Trump you Won I know you Won. This cheating society stealing votes from U. Just another stolen group out to get freebies not working for their pay. We r still praying the truth prevails. I pray u get this info President Trump!!!

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