Trump Says He Will Invoke the Defense Production Act to Combat Corona | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Bob L.

    I don’t know why President Trump is doing much of the things he is doing which is not only overreaction, but more damaging than the virus itself. $1.3 trillion in “bailout” funding is money that does not exist and has to be created out of thin air by the FED. Money “creation” is inflation and on this scale could trigger hyperinflation like Zimbabwe is suffering from right now where they have trillion dollar bills that aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Germany also suffered hyperinflation during the early 1920’s when a billion Marks was the price of a postage stamp. We has a pandemic in 1957, the Asian flu and the federal government didn’t take the extreme measures being taken this time and as with all epidemics, it ran it’s course and everything returned to normal. The same will happen this time too, regardless of what the government does.


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