Cuomo Tells Cuomo He Is Not Running for President | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Pat Morgan

    Forget politics, you must admit, if only to yourself, NO ONE ELSE could have served America better during this crisis than Donald J. Trump. He has made decisions that anyone else would have been afraid to make. He sees the whole picture. You can shout obscenities and traitorous remarks at/about him like spoiled children willing to turn blue, but you are alive to do so because this man had the courage to make protective decisions.

    Didn’t Andrew make snide remarks? I can guarantee you he realizes his limitations when it comes to the highest office in the land. He is protecting himself from the ridicule he couldn’t endure. But, he has manned up to recognize he needs the President’s help and is appreciative. Even Gavin is working with him. After this election, it’s going to be difficult to find ANYONE from any party wanting or willing to run for President.


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