The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is “stable” and apparently “in good spirits,” after a night in intensive care, according to his spokesman.

Johnson, 55, is currently breathing without a ventilator and has not been diagnosed with pneumonia as reported by Sky News.

Once admitted to intensive care, Johnson received “standard Oxygen treatment,” did not need any other help breathing and is conscious.

Scheduled weekly calls between Johnson and the Queen will not continue while he is in the hospital, according to NBC News(UK Experiences Their Deadliest Day From CoronaVirus)

Dominic Raab, Britain’s foreign minister, will continue to lead the country while Johnson is still feeling sick, per NBC.

The Prime Minister was originally admitted to St. Thomas’ Hospital in London Sunday evening after experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Officials reported to The Guardian that “this was not an emergency admission, and that Johnson would remain in charge of the government.”

On Monday, the Prime Minister’s medical team suggested he move into intensive care after his symptoms worsened. (RELATED: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Moved To Intensive Care Due To Coronavirus Symptoms)

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