Proving its word worthless, Beijing is moving to crush Hong Kong’s liberties 27 years ahead of schedule, in blatant violation of the deal that saw Britain hand rule of the city over to the mainland.

Specifically, China has ordered the national legislature to pass a new law for Hong Kong, bypassing the island’s Legislative Council. Put simply, it will criminalize protest and dissent, treating it as subversion, treason or foreign interference — and allowing mainland officials to “legally” crack down on whatever the hell they want.

This also leaves Hong Kong’s huge democracy movement helpless to block the legislation, as it did last year’s extradition bill that would’ve sent the accused to the mainland for “justice.”

The Chinese Communist Party is claiming the law is about “safeguarding national security,” and so not fit for the LegCo but for the mainland National People’s Congress, whose annual meeting starts Friday.

Over the last year, the CCP and its puppets have quashed Hong Kong’s anti-regime booksellers, arrested many top democracy advocates (such as barrister Martin Lee and media tycoon Jimmy Lai) and made it a crime to insult the national anthem. Now the finale.

Once the new law passes, it’s goodbye freedom of the press, and freedom generally. Beijing’s “one country, two systems” promise — the system that was to last to 2047 — is out the door.

As Bonnie Leung of the Civil Human Rights Front, which organized some of Hong Kong’s biggest protests, told The Post: “Especially after the outbreak of pandemic, I’m sure the world has realized what is wrong with the Communist regime and what harm it can do. Hong Kong can provide some sort of balance. That is why Beijing wants to silence us, and that is why the world should do their best to save us, before it is all too late. And I’m afraid ‘too late’ will be soon.”

Beijing plainly sees the coronavirus crisis (which it did so much to cause) as a fine time to break its word and crush Hong Kong’s democracy. Let there be no more debate about whether China’s rulers can be trusted — about anything.


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4 thoughts on “China’s sudden rush to crush Hong Kong’s freedom”
  1. Has there ever been a Communist regime whose word you could trust? Ever? No there hasn’t. And that’s one of the most troubling things about the Communist Democrat Party of America supposedly led by the puppet Joe Biden. The guy who has been restricted to the basement, except on special occasion when he’s brought out to say something someone else has written for him to say, and he’s been practicing in the basement since the last time he was seen.
    Here it is, Memorial Day Weekend, when we are supposed to be honoring those who have died while serving our Country in time of war, giving their lives to keep us all free who are still alive, and the tin horn Communists have all parades, all organizations like American Legion, VFW, and Boy Scouts prohibited from going to cemeteries putting American Flags on the grave sites of Veterans! This is America? NO IT IS NOT! This is what America looks like being taken over by Communists calling themselves Democrats! People like the Gov’s of California, Illinois, Washington, Michigan, Vermont, New York, and New Jersey to name some. Those are not Republican States. If Trump and “America First” isn’t re-elected this fall, you can kiss your country good-bye and say Welcome Communist Rule. Because those who do not vote for Trump will be voting for Communist take over for your children and grandchildren.
    A Vietnam Combat Veteran (1969)

  2. I have to agree with Ken, every word strikes true. As long as we go along with the way the democrates think – good is bad and bad is good- the American as we have known it is lost.

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