An Atlanta, Georgia, mall saw massive crowds gather on Saturday, with people lining up to buy the recently released Air Jordan sneakers after Republican Gov. Brian Kemp lifted lockdown restrictions over the weekend.

Shoppers formed lines that wrapped around the Greenbriar Mall on Saturday, to own a pair of the newly released Air Jordan 5 “Fire-Red” sneakers, WXIA reported.

A video posted to social media showed people waiting in a line to get into the mall and then on another line outside the shoe store Jimmy Jazz.

“Everyone I talked to was in line for a new Air Jordan 5 that sold out online,” tweeted NBC producer Charlie Gile.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, people emerged to enjoy the parks or witness the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover on Saturday afternoon.

The scene near Piedmont Park in Atlanta on an 81 degree Saturday.

The frenzy at the mall and among many Atlanta residents comes after Kemp allowed the shelter-in-place orders to expire and let most businesses reopen.

2 thoughts on “Crowds Gather at Atlanta Mall to Buy Air Jordans After Lockdown Lifted”
  1. Regarding “crowds gather to buy Air Jordands”, SNEAKERS as they were known when I was a kid, the following question comes to mind. How dumb can people be?

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