A video of a UPS driver in Oklahoma is going viral — and even bringing some people to tears.

The video, recorded over Memorial Day weekend, shows the unidentified driver taking a few moments during his route to fix a rolled-up American flag, reported KOKI.

“He noticed my flag was rolled up from all the wind, and he stopped on the way out to take it down,” said customer Chelsie Ashley.

Ashley was getting ready for her day when her two chilren heard the doorbell ring. She checked her camera phone app and saw the driver adjusting her flag.

“By the time I got out there too, he was gone. He had just pulled off,” she said.

The UPS driver didn’t know anyone was watching. “I thought that was so cool, like, what he was doing when nobody was looking,” Ashley said.

Hundreds have viewed the video on social media. One viewer, a veteran, cried while watching. According to Ashley, the unidentified veteran said, “It makes it worth it when we are gone for a long time. This is what makes it worth it.”

Ashley added: “That made me emotional because its making vets cry. That flag stands for so much, it’s so heavy, and I wanted everyone to know how much we respect our vets. Just something uplifting and positive right now because of everything going on.”

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