Wallace, the NASCAR driver, has been the focus of the racing world for the past few weeks– especially after allegations from this past weekend that a noose was found in his Talladega garage. A team of 15 FBI agents investigated and determined that the noose was a door pull that was there since Wallace’s team occupied the garage.

The country was understandably concerned about the alleged incident. Wallace is the sport’s only full-time African-American driver. To make matters even worse, NASCAR recently announced a ban on Confederate flags from races to be more inclusive.

But Wallace hinted that he was indeed a victim on CNN and said he was mad “because people are trying to test my character and the person that I am and my integrity. He insisted that the image that he saw in his garage was not a pull “it was a noose.”

Wallace has not been eyed in any kind of hoax and the investigation appears to be closed. But it appeared that Wallace even had second thoughts about criticizing the FBI hours after the CNN disaster.

The statement was telling. The allegation that a noose was found inside a garage was a stunning allegation, and for many Americans—whose only exposure to the sport was Will Ferrell’s “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”—saw their prejudice toward the sport realized. The fact that a noose would be placed in a garage lived up to the left-wing’s stereotype of the sport and its fans.

Wallace pointed to the “unity we had on Monday,” when fellow races stood around his car for a touching selfie, but the sport’s sincere effort to be more inclusive was damaged by either a quick rush to judgment or something even more disturbing.

17 thoughts on “Bubba Wallace Owes NASCAR Fans an Apology”
  1. Bubba is perpetuating racial tension and therefore he must be a racist…very strange timing…🤔😖

  2. Wallace owes all NASCAR fans an apology and it should be done on that other A-holes show, Don Lemon!!
    Lemon is nothing more than a dumb wanna-be Al Sharpton, a race baiting jerk. Two peas in that same pod.
    Wallace, however, MUST beg for forgiveness from everyone concerned
    In this BS! Nothing else will do and it
    must be done on all the shows that Wallace appeared on, perpetrated this
    LIE, a la Jussi Smellit.
    ENOUGH BUll SHIT!!!!!!!!!

  3. I still do not see where in your article siting a reason Bubba owes anyone an apology. What I do see is another Trumpian who feels the victim owes apologies. It was not an “alleged” noose, it was a noose being used as a door pull. Granted i was probably done by someone who was bored and playing with the rope. I do not see where you say Bubba was hinting he was a victim, maybe in your mind as you seem to spin things to rial your readership, void of the full truth. I do not even understand the name of your organization. You cannot call yourself Patriots while you support the undermining of the constitution, freedom, and the rule of law. As with you Trumpians the freedom of speech only applies to Trump and his friends, the rule of law to everyone but Trump and his friends. You defend a man who holds secret meetings with our adversaries without no one in the room but the other interpreter, who says COVID testing is not needed but for him and his staff it is needed everyday. He lavishes praise on Putin while turning a blind eye to Russia paying the Taliban to have US servicemen killed ans our President said no one told him, lies lies and more lies. So maybe your informed readers can answer a question which so far no one has answered for me, “How do you know when Trump is telling the truth?” and if you think the answer is he does not lie then there are over 3000 documented times you will need to be explained. Oh I forgot the other go to response “fake news”, but the Presidents own words prove his lies. the only fake news is Fox news and to protect a liar you have to be a liar. All the good things accomplished by this nation were accomplished when we worked together. Trump’s my way or the highway approach will never make us great it has only caused great harm.

  4. As I see it, this guy is a self-adoring, self-focused imbecile, who happens to have a lot of guts on the race track. I could not care less what he thinks, or his noose scam, or any of it. He is like a Smollet II. For better or for worse that’s my call on this new hyped up imbroglio. I just don’t give a damn. I am sick of all victimhood, especially by millionaires.

  5. Wallace needs to go away, NASCAR was just fine before he received a ride , it’s not worth watching . As for the noose, did he or a crew member put it there ?

  6. I’m done watching the nfl, nba and if baseball and nascar don’t stop with their bu!!sh!t I won’t be watching them either. No purchases of merchandise either.
    Tired of these multimillion dollar jacka$$es….

    1. me too..And i refuse to watch any of them kneeling during anthem, wearing terriosts blm names on Jersey etc…it is not the time to do stupid stuff ! thy all hv money make their own kneeling time thy all get paid too much anyway..

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