Trump shames Fox News: They forgot who got them where they are | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Cavuto is a dumbbell trying to play with the big boys. He doesn’t have what it takes…a brain…or class for that matter. His ratings are in the toilet. Chris Wallace is losing ratings as well.
    The only shows making Really good ratings are Tucker, Hannity, Laura. They are carrying the network.

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    John B

    Trump has it backwards again.
    If it were not for the Fox News (Conservative) and Clear Chanel, propaganda media and the Gerrymandered and Jim Crow laws, Trump would never had been elected.

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    I agree with President Trump. FOX isn’t working for me anymore either. I’d switch to AON if my cable company carried it. And Wallace should work for PMSNBC or CNN or any other hack left wing channel. He sure as hell isn’t a Conservative!


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