Why Trump is focused on making Marco Rubio happy | Patriots 4 Freedom

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    Debbie H.

    Pres Trump better watch his back where Rubio is concerned. The Cuban mind set is “Whatever We Want Whenever We Want It & To Hell With The Cost”. I lived in Miami for over 25 years & saw South FL bend over backwards to give them everything they Demanded. Their Arrogance/Greed/Rudeness is Freaking Unbelievable & They are Some of the Most Racist People I have Ever Met. When I asked some of them why their ancestors Never questioned who Castro was, where he came from & who was supplying him men & weapons – None of them could answer me. They hated Dictator Bautista so much they didn’t care who Castro was or what he would demand for ousting Bautista – They’ve Ruined South FL for Non-Hispanic Americans – And Most Cling To Their Refugee Status so They Get Govt Benefits Till The Day They Die!!


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