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The editors and writers of Patriots4Freedom are dedicated to searching out threats to American Freedom. Don't stand by while the nanny state takes away your choices, or Big Tech stifles your free speech. Take a stand and fight for your liberty!

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    Deep State quat!

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    Biden is on the road to continuous of major self defeating rants that most often make no sense at all. Unfortunately for him and the party he is supposed to represent, the worse is yet to come when and if he ever is involved in the scheduled debates with Trump. President Trump will take Biden to task, in proving once and for all that he, his planned socialistic programs and the Democratic party in general will not be moving forward with with any form of victory for the foreseeable future! They are just going to eat Trump dust as he earns a landslide 2020 victory!

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    “temper … flairs up”? No… temper flares up!

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    Fester Finch

    You dog faced, pony soldier, lying sack of gorilla excrement. Did your mother have any children that lived? Are you some kinda drug addict? Vote for me for your senator. I’m Bo Jiden and if I’m elected, there will not be any more forest fires or hurricanes.

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      Absolutely terrified that older voters will vote BIDEN because he’s been around sooo long & is 1 of them…a NICE OLD MAN😜 but IF they do their due diligence & investigate him… HE IS NOT, REPEAT NOT…a nice old man. Aside from his being an obvious puppet to AOC, Harris, Obama, & Clinton etc. I am sick with the fear that awww nice old voters will IGNORE the obvious, primarily because they don’t like Trump. They don’t like his personality but LOOK WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY in such a short time🙈 almost singlehandedly. Bravo & thank you, Mr. President🙏🏻 VOTE TRUMP !!!

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      About right.


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