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    Isn’t this by any means considered collusion and also impeachment? Stolen Technology that the Obama/Biden & Obama’s Administration covered up or were a part of in selling our security information to another Country that isn’t Ally. It’s just the opposite, CCP is an enemy to American’s Democracy as we see Marxist & Fascist tearing our Cities apart by looting/burning of American Businesses & Cities along with now found to be, starting fires in CA. & WA./Tearing down Government Statues/Murder & other Criminal Activities. To me, this is all been funded by the Demoncratics. Anyone have a cell phone or PC can type into their web browsers address bar: http://www.antifa.com The webpage pops up with Actblu for the Demoncratics for Joe Biden/Harris & Demoncratic donation page for the Election. The Domain Name is Antifa.com and the Demoncratics own this Domain Name or their supported by Antifa.com Organization and BLM Org. They’re no longer hiding their Agenda and in my opinion, the Demoncratics are colluding with America’s Enemy – CCP & Russia driven Communists/Socialist Party. I’m unaware if a lot of people are aware of this but the United States allowed the Communists to form what was called “The Communist Party” in Chicago, IL. in the Mid 1900’s. Since then they have changed their name several time to stay in the dark til the new parties name began which is now called, “Democratic Socialist/Communist Party” (DSC). They’re no longer hiding in the shadows because they have been placing their Chess pieces in Government Office Positions, College Professors Positions to indoctrinate Marxist Ideologies which is what we’re all seeing as of this year, DOJ/DHS/FBI/NSA & our Supreme Courts. Also, a lot of Lobbyist who have joined together and the Movie Industries along with people like George Sorros who is a Communist/Socialist pushing & supporting the Bidens. The old saying, “The Richer get richer while the Poor get Poorer” is because of this. Outside influences has been & is interfering with our elections because of CCP outside influences and are donating money to the Democratic Socialist Communist Party that is now Biden/Harris & Demoncratic Senators/Governors/Majors, the Ratical Left as we all call them now.
    Money is being Laundered through the Actblu and just recently is being investigated because it has received $500 Million Plus Dollars from donations. Actblu Demoncratic website & election donation page stated that it was from individual who were retired or unemployed. Every person that donates over $200 has to put their employment status when they donate to a party for elections. We all know this is a lie by the Demons that are getting the donations. We all know that no way anyone who is retired or unemployed will donate that much unless they were billionaires or they are lobbyist which are a lot of companies controlled by the CCP like the MSM. MSM has been bought out by the CCP because the CCP owns the stocks that keep them afloat. I truly hope that Barr has a full blown investigation on this because this “IS” Collusion with the CCP. “WE THE PEOPLE” demand an audit be done on every single donation that was over $200 and marked as unemployed or retired to find out where that money is coming from. Peace, Grace & Mercy to all Pro-Americans. GOD BLESS AMERICA & MAGA!


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