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    I would like to see two things happen. First, all police officers in the U.S. stay home for seven days to show citizens what life would actually be like if that scenario were permanent.
    Second, I would like to see that should police departments experience reduced funding, then all city and county departments reduce their budgets by an equal percentage.
    It’s too easy for crackpot wanna be politicians to convince crackpot citizens to vote for them, e.g. “the squad”. Therefore, restraints must be in place.

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    Serves Minneapolis right ! They elected these council men and women to office that are defunding and dismantling their police department. I think that it’s very funny 😆. I hope that it takes years to rebuild the Minneapolis Police Department and the city becomes a post apocalyptic landscape!!!!

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    Donald King

    Simple solution: Tell the community to “call the “violence interrupters” or “community-based system of public safety” when problems come up. You didn’t want the police, so don’t call for them.” They need to be certain to post the phone numbers of these groups so the public knows were to make their frantic calls for help.

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    Daniel Rhoads

    One other reason for defunding the police that the criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership does not want you the American voters to know about in their 2020 election campaign!!! They want to have wide open borders, tear down the border walls and let millions and millions illegal aliens so they can use them as illegal alien voters with, massive voter fraud!!! With no local police, they can use this illegal alien voter fraud to keep them in political power for decades and decades!! We will become a “conquered American voters ruled by illegal alien voters, do we want that American people”????????

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    I am not confused

    To the citizens who elected those council members — you are reaping what you sowed. To the council members, your day of reckoning is surely coming.


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