The Deep State continues its attempted coup of the United States government before the 2020 presidential election. At issue are mail-in ballots. These are not the same as absentee ballots which require advance voter identification and registration.

Democrats love mail-in ballots because the system helps them game the election to win. On record are many instances throughout the country where the total counts included invalid duplicate ballots, ballots from dead people, children, and/or household pets, as well as those from people who moved away.

Stepping back to get a bigger picture, let’s recap certain events that happened in this year:

First, misguided state and federal leadership used what we know now is essentially a bad case of flu to justify “social distancing,” a brand new concept that does make some sense in the context of limiting the transmission of certain infectious diseases. This is why many consented to go along with this and other draconian measures in mid-March 2020 under Trump’s “15 days to slow the spread” campaign.

Then, as real-world data became known about this new flu, the leaders who forcibly braked the U.S. economy overnight ignored it, and still promote public policies based on this admittedly bad information.

This Plandemic (or Scamdemic) has many disturbing offshoots. The fall elections are at risk from this evil scheme that has been in the works for decades and is now reaching fruition.

Democrats empowered by the federal Health Emergency Act overreacted to the viral scare. Governors began flinging around executive orders like they were confetti. It didn’t take long before wearing a cloth mask in public became the law, too – even though scientific studies have proven that they do more harm than good and DO NOT STOP VIRUSES.

The Democrats are using the bogus need for social distancing and face masks, amplified by the fear their liberal press is pounding into viewers’ brains 24/7, to shut down Vote Centers in 2020 because people stand in long lines.

The solution the liberals propose is mail-in voting to solve the invented “problem” of standing in line to cast a ballot. They ignore the long queues documented at Big Box stores and Blue Chip companies.

Mail-in balloting can be executed properly – but it isn’t in a number of places where the Large-Mouthed Democrats swim.

Case in point: New Jersey. All the warning signs of impending voter fraud were ignored. Check out this timeline:

On June 25, 2020, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced that Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, Shelim Khalique, and Abu Razyen had been charged with criminal conduct involving mail-in ballots during the May 12, 2020, special municipal election. All of them are registered Democrats.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service tipped off the state attorney general’s office after discovering hundreds of ballots in a single Paterson City mailbox.

After the special election, out of 16,747 votes received, only 13,557 were accepted (a very high 19%). To put it another way, nearly 1-in-5 votes were rejected. Over 800 of the rejected ballots were invalidated because they were found tethered together in mailboxes in Paterson and in Haledon.

Grewal commented, “Today’s charges send a clear message: If you try to tamper with an election in New Jersey, we will find you and we will hold you accountable. We will not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

Within days, President Trump cited the Paterson election fraud allegations as further proof that mail-in voting in 2020 would help stage “the most corrupt election” in the Nation’s history. The Commander-in-Chief tweeted on June 28:

“Absentee Ballots are fine. A person has to go through a process to get and use them. Mail-In Voting, on the other hand, will lead to the most corrupt Election is USA history. Bad things happen with Mail-Ins. Just look at Special Election in Patterson, N.J. 19% of Ballots a FRAUD!”

O’Scanlon condemned the criminals but not the crime. The Garden State GOP leader concluded that New Jersey is simply unprepared to vote by mail exclusively. In other states, the system seems to work, he said, but New Jersey moved too quickly with no ability to handle all the resultant problems.

Nonetheless, New Jersey’s Governor Philip Murphy (yes, a Democrat) forged ahead with the plot to steal the 2020 election by mailing ballots to the state’s 6.3 million voters. The votes could be cast by return mail or deposited in secure drop boxes – there were 210, ten per county. On August 13, Murphy echoed the Plandemic’s screed in a press conference:

“All of us recognize the importance of this year’s election. Ensuring that every voter has the ability to securely cast their ballot while protecting public health is our paramount concern.”

On August 21, State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ruled that the Paterson City Council seat election had been irreversibly tainted and ordered a new election be held in November. He wrote that the election was neither “fair” nor “free” and failed to represent the “full expression of the intent of the voters.”

To his credit, Democrat Andre Sayegh, the Mayor of Paterson approved the decision:

“It was the right ruling. That past election was fraught with fraud.”

The four anti-American New Jersey Democrats were charged with criminal conduct related to mail-in ballot election fraud.

by LightWorker111

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  1. All state boards of canvassers better prepare themselves with ballot checkers and election monitors from both sides of the aisle. This will potentially be the most contested election in our history. Only in-person and proper mail-in, absentee ballots should be counted. All other mail-in ballots should be considered fraudulent and subject to exclusion. Mask up America and vote on Nov 3!

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