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The editors and writers of Patriots4Freedom are dedicated to searching out threats to American Freedom. Don't stand by while the nanny state takes away your choices, or Big Tech stifles your free speech. Take a stand and fight for your liberty!

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    Ronald Cleveland

    BLM = Black lives Marxist’s.

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    Now not even Barr agree with you on this article, when Barr openly said that the BLM protests had been taken over by outside radical groups. Now the law enforcement embedded in the protests say it is a Far Right wing group of White Supremists trying to make it look bad for the protests, now protesters have handed over to the police persons that are doing damage and starting fires. Now just last week the Government department said that the White Supremists were the greatest threat to National Security above all other here in the USA.

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    Is a U haul truck filled with riot gear and subversive equipment supplying the Antifa riots, burning and looting enough proof for you? Are the hundreds of Antifa/BLMs arrested for anarchy all across America enough proof for you? Are the victims of Antifa/BLM thugs you see almost daily documented by videos enough proof for you.


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