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There has been a huge uptick in UFO sightings in the United States this year. Plus, we have had the stunning revelation by the Pentagon that at least some UFO sightings are “real,” and that the Department of Defense has an ongoing taskforce that investigates “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

But what about our closest allies “across the pond?” As it turns out, the United Kingdom is no stranger to UFOs. Just this past August, social media in the UK was rife with images of a suspected UFO taken over the English town of Bury. While the photos were the usual fuzzy type usually obtained of such phenomena, many among the British populace had hoped the image would prove to be yet another breakthrough in the “mounting” evidence of life beyond Earth. However, the sighting was debunked, as skeptics found the exact same image, of the UFO over other alleged areas.

Still, the UK has had its share of UFO sightings that could not be explained away as easily. And, unlike their counterparts here in the US, UK government officials have long been more transparent about their investigations into UFOs. The Royal Air Force was historically the force behind recording any such encounters. The RAF would collect reports and submit them to public record, and not send them to a “super-secret” Area 51, like here in the States.

With reports collected from everyone including pilots and policemen, the official outlook from the UK is UFOs and aliens “presented no potential threat.” But lack of a threat doesn’t necessarily mean lack of activity by unidentified aircraft.

While the most recent Bury sighting was dismissed as an internet hoax, apparently the small town has been a hot spot for UFO sightings. Browsing through old testimonials, the Bury Times reporter Brad Marshall, uncovered a treasure trove of “real” UFO sightings right around their hometown. Some came directly from the paper’s archives, while others were from official RAF reports. One of the most intimate records came from UFOlogist Arthur Tomlinson.

Aside from Bury, Tomlinson claims another high-traffic UFO spot in UK is Whitefield – a mere ten minutes down the road to Manchester. Not only did Tomlinson claim seeing a UFO on two separate occasions, he even recounted chasing one in his car in 1968. Tomlinson also claimed to speak to an alien “using a white witch as a conduit.”

Unlike most individuals stuck with poor images or words from non-believers, Tomlinson reported receiving a “small, translucent” stone as a gift for his daughter.

With so many documented reports, it’s hard to imagine aliens aren’t invading skies all across the UK. But unlike other nations, in the typical British way, they seem to have come to peace with, and welcome their alien visitors.


Why do you think that UFO sightings are on the rise, and why are government officials suddenly willing to come forward and admit their existence? Reply using the comments below.


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  1. I KNOW SOME SHIPS ARE REAL AS I had an encounter when i was in my 70s i’m now 83 and i think i can blame my bad heart now on the experience as i was hit by a beam from this huge ship hovering in my back yard,,,,like a fool i tried to communicate with them and was hit with a beam in my chest that was so painful i screamed, the ship took off,,,,,,,,,,in the next few years i seen 3 other happenings but thank God no close encounters. I made several reports 1 to the air national guard in Portland Oregon where I LIVE and to Seattle washington report center and other sites on line

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