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    tobad they failed

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    I am not confused

    While I am appalled that such actions were thought to be appropriate, I cannot help but comment that if the plotters were BLM or ANTIFA, the liberal democrats (including Whitmer) and the media would have called the plot a non-violent protest.

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    Why were the alleged kidnappers of the Michigan governor arrested while hundreds of terrorists under the guise of Black Lives Matter an ANTIFA are set free? Are the people in power prejudice against white people who do the same things as the the blacks and their sympathizers do?

    I DO NOT want ANY violence in our streets that is ruining the lives of people, all people , who work hard and want to succeed in what they do.

    All rebels are wrong and the people who control them are the most vicious in our history.

    God help the United States of America!

    We have a crisis in this country that is being manufactured by the left to a debilitating extreme.

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    Michigan’s Governor seems very concerned about safety… her own!! Where was her outrage over the riots, looting, burned businesses , antifa mobs threatening citizens around the country, etc?? This is what you get when you elect control freak democrats. They pretend to care about the populace but in reality they care only for themselves. Like Biden and his family. Vote Trump ! Vote republican!!

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    They are Antifa sorts, self claimed anarchist and they hate Trump.


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