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    Robert Curtiss Jr

    Just like sex to rise up in companies for power and profit. Then go back and cry sexual assault. While everyone knows that many women were truly sexually abused and forced to have sex for promotion. They could just as easily took the high road and still been successful. Intelligence is not displayed by giving in to get ahead, but overcoming these sick S.O.B’s by changing jobs and getting ahead the right way. Stop blaming all men blame yourself and the sick perverts that you gave in to. Publishing music that teach disgusting behavior is just as criminal as committing the crimes.

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    Why was she not arrested for attempted murder? An associate of mine was murdered back in the 80’s by a prostitute for this exact crime. BTW, this cardi B is a Biden supporter. Sick!

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    Now that Cardi B has all the money, will she help out all those women in the same, impoverished, sexploited situation that she used to be in? LOL. Never. The rich never do that.


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