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    Joe, better put, dementia Joe is up to his ears in the corruption.

  2. 2

    Bob Hill

    Corruption of Democrats is rampant, and I do believe they are criminal and treasonous in definition . They should be brought to justice and prosecuted.
    This crap needs to end now ! It’s been going on for way to long and our country is suffering because of it !

  3. 3


    You are really stuck in the mud, aren’t you? I feel sorry for you. No moral. And you call yourself Patriots? You don’t even know what it means to be a Patriot. You should be ashamed of yourselves…

  4. 4


    OMG Trump MUST win this election or America is surely doomed, just doomed …NEVER to be free & prosperous again.

  5. 5

    Peter K Baker

    Paper $3, Printer ink $6, Printer $150, Laptop $450, payout money allegedly to Hunter Biden $3.5 million ,The look on Joe Biden’s face when Trump accused him of taking Russian money priceless.

  6. 6


    Just goes to prove that The Democrats all Belive they are above the Law. But the can fabricate one lye after another on President Trump Wire tap is campaign offices and his home Turn in false documents and lye eveytime they turn around Adam Shift who has lied and lied to the American People And Congress And the Senate and should be under investigation But because hes a Senator Democrat no one does any thing to the. The Democrats Disrupted PRESIDENT TRUMPS. Whole time in office first with the Russian Special Council. With people who were Democrats and hated Trump doing the investigating. A Witch Trial. Then there was NANCY PELOSI impeachment going on. another Witch Trial. INSTEAD of letting him succeed or fail on his own they set out to make him fail and sabotage him.President Trump was doing really good thinks for the Country. And nothing they thru at him stuck but then came this vrius and all of sudden our economy tanked unemployment sky rocked and now to keep people safe the say you need to vote by mail. I think this is just been another ploy to get rid of Trump. By the DEMOCRATES . SO OF CORSE JOE BIDEN HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER POOR PEOPLE CLINTONS CAME IN OFFICE BASICALLY BROKE WHEN THEY LEFT OFFICE THEY COULD AFFORD A HUGE ESTATE TO BUY WITH MONEY LEFT OVER. THEN OBOMA WAS THE SAME WAY. HOW DO THIS PEOPLE MIKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IF THEY ARE NOT DOING SOMETHING SHADY. ALL DEMS AND REPUBLICANS NEED TO BE INVESTAGITED THE SAY WAY. WHITE HOUSE. CONGRESS. AND SENATORS AND IF THERE IS ANY SHADY BUSINESS DEALINGS THEN THEY NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT OF OFFICE AND NOT JUST SLAPED ON THE HAND AND TOLD NOT TO DO IT AGAIN. AND ANY ILLEGAL GAINS ARE CONFISCATED AND PUT INTO A VICTIMS FUND TO PAY BACK ANYONE WHO MAY HAVE BEEN HURT IN THEIR SHADY DEALINGS

  7. 7

    Norris T.

    This kind of issue needs to be dealt with very swiftly and stern. This has to stop! Just because he is a political figure doesn’t give Him a free pass not to be prosecuted. Someone needs to get of their ass and get something done!

    1. 7.1


      Remember who runs the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi and she will not allow even an investigation into this mass illegal activity but she will start an investigation into anything including contaminated air if Trump even farts.

  8. 8

    David Barron

    When does the Democratic House start its investigation into the apparent illegal activity of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the Biden Family? There is 100% more evidence and records to support an investigation and prosecution than was ever provided for Trump. Where is the equal justice under the Law?

  9. 9


    Just like Billary! Too big to fail and will never ever be indicted. Perhaps we should start over and form our country again. We have grown too big and complicated. And as far as Socialism goes, even Russia tried it and it failed. Remember the USSR? The United Soviet Socialist Republic that went bankrupt when they chose guns over butter? So now we are going to give it a whirl? President Reagan, where are you when we need you/


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