Four men were at the wrong New Jersey address last month when they fired bullets into a house occupied by two New Jersey officers and their newborn baby, authorities said.

2 thoughts on “Four Men Fire Bullets into Home of Police Officers with Newborn Baby”
  1. It’s a sad commentary on the mentality of those who claim to be oppressed & seeking “justice”. They are useless, ignorant beings. They are only proving that they are dangerous thugs & therefore pose a threat to anyone & everyone any time they are in public. I think BLB should publicly condemn this insanity because it only diminishes the public sympathy & support. This insanity simply must not b allowed to continue.

    1. You’re right, they need to start putting a bullet in these lazy freeloaders thugs head and call it a good job, and this is bull crap, and what is so bad these sorry want to be governors and idiot Mayors want let the cops do their job, and letting these BLM brds burn and steal and get away with with it, they’re going to have to start putting a bullet to their head.

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