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    Let’s see, people want to defund the police and take away legal guns. Sounds like a plan! (Where, oh where is that sarcasm font?)

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    These people need to understand that if you violate the sanctity of someone’s home they may be fatally shot. You need to crack down on these animals Ms. Mayor, flood their neighborhood with police until they cannot move outside, affect their.drug business, their pocketbook, seize their weapons and tighten up the sentences for possession. If needed.bring in the National Guard to assist.

  3. 3


    The home owner had every right to protect his home against an intruder.

  4. 4


    We all need Jesus!

  5. 5

    Patricia Kalman

    We have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our property. This is still America.

  6. 6


    I believe the owner has the right to protect himself when he gets threatened by intruder. It is legal to owner a firearm for defense, not to go out on the street to kill innounsence people.

  7. 7


    I wish we would concentrate on why there more robberies and home invasions than on gun ownership. We need to get at the cause and see what we can do to end this type of criminal behavior.

  8. 8


    State law dictates. In castle doctrine states, a home invader is presumed to be a deadly threat and shooting thus an act of self-defense. However, details matter. If the intruder is fleeing, shooting him in the back is not acceptable. If the intruder, once shot, is lying helpless on the ground, weapon not within reach, shooting him again in the head is not allowed.

    Also, an intruder must be someone not authorized to be there. So shooting the landlord, or a tenant, or the police acting in their duty is not allowed.

  9. 9


    Who the hell wrote this story? The line 58 year old “ALLEGED” intruder. If it’s not his house and wasn’t invited then he is an INTRUDER!

  10. 10


    Good for the homeowner. It’s past time that criminals be held accountable for their crimes and if that includes being shot by a homeowner, so be it.

  11. 11


    Good for the homeowner. It’s past time that the lawless are held accountable for their actions and if that includes getting shot while invading a home, so be it.

  12. 12

    Clarence Armstrong

    Good Evening, it’s fortunate that the homeowner was prepared and had to use his firearm as a last resort. He shouldn’t have any trouble with law enforcement. However, there has been a increase in shootings everywhere. Not only in Chicago. We only see,hear and read what the media wants us to see hear and read. You have to be a law enforcement officer to know the truth on most cases. That’s why we have a suicide issue with our officers. They deal with all the mess out here and they really need our prayers.

  13. 13

    Bob L.

    During a break in, if a person feels their and/or their family’s safety is at stake, I as a juror would not vote to convict the homeowner.

  14. 14

    Ray Copeland

    He should have killed the scumbag, Let a freeloader thug breaks into my house, he’s a dead SOB

  15. 15

    Brian Daugherty

    In California the shooter( who was within his legal rights) would have been taken to jail.


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