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    Bob L.

    We don’t need stimulus handouts, we need for life and the economy to be unlocked and return to pre-covid NORMAL. In other words, government neds to get the hell out of the way.

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    Nancy Pelosi could care less about the Stimulus money for the people, Trump could say he would sign a bill twice what she wants and she still would not forward it to him. The reason is she has all the attachments to it that include new rules on how the government would conduct business, which of course highly favor the Democratic side of the house. So when you feel a pinch in the wallet, its really Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and the vindictive Democrat who is refusing to help the average American during a time of need and desperation. She is the one who is sticking her middle finger up to the American citizens in need, she is the one playing politics to gain the upper hand. She is the one that needs to be removed from Congress no matter what it takes.


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