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The editors and writers of Patriots4Freedom are dedicated to searching out threats to American Freedom. Don't stand by while the nanny state takes away your choices, or Big Tech stifles your free speech. Take a stand and fight for your liberty!

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  1. 1

    Orange peel

    There will be a lot of blood in the streets when nazi Joe tries anything to take American people rights away.

  2. 2

    Rick Chaplin

    Best said about this….from my cold dead hands!

  3. 3

    Edward Durham

    Biden better take a look around he would be waking a sleeping giant when it comes to taking Americans guns. You can bet your ass on that.. he would be better off finding something else to play with.

  4. 4

    Brian Smothers

    I am a legal ,law abiding gun owner, and with all the all the other law abiding citizens, and legal gun owners ,we will be the only ones who will suffer from the gun seizure’s, i think it is very ignorant to believe that any kind of gun ban is going to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals, they will still have access to illegal weapons, and we will have no way of defending ourselves from them, this would be the first step to socialism, and although the younger of americans obviously haven’t done their research on a socialist society, but please do ,because, it will be what strips America of its its freedom, and what makes America great. PLEASE.
    do not support gun bans without doing your research. PLEASE.

  5. 5

    Toppy Cohen

    And they think gun owners are just going to roll over? Blood will be shed for sure!

  6. 6

    Daniel Rhoads

    American gun owners and your 400 million guns, hide your guns from their gun grab!!! Tell them you threw them in the lake,river or ocean, for you did not want to give them to the new “American communist government”!!! Make them prove you have the guns!!! You are going to need them for the Civil War coming over this illegal gun grab!!! We will not be an “American/Venezuela unable to defend ourselves from their gun grab and massive voter fraud in the 2020 election”!!!!! We will keep our right to bear arms to save our America from them!!!!…….

  7. 7

    Bob L.

    This is the USA, not a member of the UK where people made the mistake of turning in their firearms. Our Second Amendment was written to give us the means to prevent just the kind of attempted overthrow of our Constitutional Republican form of government now underway, should it reach the level arms be required to preserve it.

  8. 8

    Corrie Kittles

    What is wrong with a plan to get “assault” weapons off the street. Why would a la abiding citizen need an “assault” weapon.

  9. 9


    Mandatory buy back…does anything these fucking fools say make sense…then she calls them weapons of war…what a dumb bitch that has no idea what she is talking about! And this will never happen in our America! They are the party of crime and hate and unrest in America. Biden is the socialist communist lying treasonous fk and will never be president

  10. 10


    This crazy Democrat talk and threats would absolutely see the word United
    removed from the name of the country. Many would question or outright refuse to kick in the doors of American citizens for Communist Govt. demands.

    Most should know it would not end well for anyone.

  11. 11

    John Stevens

    Not to plagiarize anyone (Uhumm), but if they come to take away my guns, they will have to “pry them from my cold, dead hands,” or words to that effect.

  12. 12

    Mark Showers

    Typical dumbass socialist.

  13. 13

    Crazy Reese

    LMAO, redneck noise! Biden never said any of that crap!

  14. 14

    Robert E Starnes

    It won’t be a China Joe who comes for your guns, it will be your local police or sheriff dept, or the state you live in Highway Patrol. But they will come at the
    director of China Joe and his henchmen. Form chapters of men and women that
    you can trust with your lives and stand your ground for your rights.


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