Three female protesters were arrested and charged in Manhattan on Wednesday after punching and kicking cops, court papers reveal.

Rachel Menard, 23, allegedly slugged NYPD Assistant Chief Stephen Hughes in the face twice as he was cuffing William Beaudoin in Greenwich Village. Beaudoin had allegedly interfered with the arrest of a third person, according to the criminal complaint and police.

Menard was arraigned Thursday on one count each of felony second-degree assault and obstructing governmental administration and released without bail.

Elizabeth Barter, 28, allegedly refused several orders to stop blocking a West Village street, then shoved an unnamed person, according to the complaint. Deputy Inspector Andrew Hillery stepped in to arrest her and she allegedly “kicked him in the leg,” court papers charge. She had pepper spray dangling from a key chain attached to her fanny pack, the complaint says.

Menard was hit with five misdemeanor charges — including obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, attempted assault and unlawful possession of a noxious material. She was sprung without bail.

Christine Brown, 23, was arraigned on six misdemeanor counts — including assault, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration — by allegedly interfering with the NYPD’s arrest of other people “by placing her body and her bicycle” between them, the complaint states.

When Detective Robert Klein tried to cuff her, she allegedly kicked him in the shin, according to court papers. She was released without bail.

At least 22 other protesters — including Devina Singh, 24, who was caught on video spitting in a cop’s face — were issued desk appearance tickets during violent anti-cop demonstrations that swept through Manhattan Wednesday night. Desk appearance tickets are still considered an arrest, but the defendant is given a summons and arraigned in court at a later date.

27 thoughts on “Female Rioters Arrested For Assaulting Officers in Manhattan”
    1. Good question ⁉️..They don’t think it’s necessary to be there..If those parents would educate, their kids to think about what is wrong to commit crimes..What do parents allow their kids to sell drugs and carry guns…Some of those parents only cares to get money from lawsuits.. Those women should slow down in having too many kids…

  1. Well if Biden gets in office or shall I say Harris this will be nothing compared with what we will face. So sorry for the officers. So embarrassed for the girls parents. Only God can help us now.

    1. Pray like there is no tomorrow because with Biden and Harris there may not be. Doris controls both and the rest of the Democrats.

    2. You are making an assumption based on Trump lies that they support lawlessness. No basis of fact in that. Biden has repeated sad that those who break the law will be prosecuted! The difference is that he will not send policemen to intimidate lawful protesters or militia to raise the climate of tension.

      1. What exactly do you call lawfull protesters? Those who block traffic preventing people from going about their business? Or perhaps those who threaten and yell through megaphones disturbing the peace? Please explain.

    3. Well, why the hell hasn’t been God helping us all along? What was God doing as George Floyd’s life was being STOLEN!? I haven’t been able to get an answer from God but if you can, will you please let me know. Thanks!

      1. God gave us brains to think!..That is why we have the Ten Commandments…You don’t follow it, God will decide your next where you will land after your death..Heaven, Purgatory or Hell…Those women were wrong for attacking the Police Officers..

  2. These people, the riotous bunch are pieces of carp.
    God has forsaken the USA. Why?
    Because the looney lefty, progressives, socialist pigs has taken God out of everything; home, schools courts, etc.
    I am saddened by what has happened over the years. Unfortunately the Democrats and the Republicans are to blame.

  3. With the way the election went this is only a small dose of what is yet to come with Biden and Harris running the country with Nancy Pelosi telling them what to do

  4. These A*sholes should never call the police but the BLM and Antifa if they need help! What cop would come to their aid while braving a storm of spit and insults?

  5. This will not be only continue to get worse but, it feeds more people to protest violently because the Democratic Party feels it’s acceptable. I’m worried about the future of the United States. I also feel sorry for the guy pinger generation. Hod help us all!

  6. My My, placing her body and bicycle between them; spitting; kicking in the shin… such “violence!” Haha. I wish Patriots for Freedom and its readership here was half as upset about the ongoing murders of people of color by police as they were by this sort of so-called ‘riotous violence.’

  7. If you assualt police you should get your behind handed to you. Regardless if you are black or white or whatever treat them all the same, I bet it will stop then.

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