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  1. 1

    King Linda

    Prayers going up for Mom, Grandmother and you. This is absolutely horrible. Your dear Gran hasn’t been hugged by any of you in 9 months.
    Where’s the compassion? Let her go! Let her get her Mum out of the HOME( AKA PRISON).

  2. 2

    Susan Gore

    Why do these governments including the U.S. think they own us?

  3. 3

    Celia Clarke

    I think to arrest this wonderful woman is completely OUTRAGEOUS.

  4. 4

    Mary Murphy

    Possibly coming to the United States of America soon!

  5. 5


    And thus it is so in a totalitarian state. This is what’s planned for the U.S.A. with Democrats/Communists in office. This virus has nothing to do with health and safety. It’s all about controlling the citizenry.

  6. 6

    Kim Byrum

    So sorry about your mom. Try to get the court to give you the power of attorney for her. My best wishes to you

  7. 7


    So sorry for the officers. With Biden or rather Harris in office only God can help us

  8. 8


    Is there any way the daughter could have signed forms in a meeting with the care home admin to take her mother out as a discharge from care? I’m not sure how that would work in the UK.

  9. 9


    That’s a bunch of shit. Sounds like something those damn controlling demorats would do. I hope they all rot in hell.

  10. 10

    Clayton Rice

    To the idiots making the 97 year old return to a probable death sentence WITHOUT
    the home visit, you are either totally brain dead or brainwashed to the point
    of illogical thought and absolutely no feelings at all.

  11. 12

    Dennis Inman

    This is a tragedy. This Lady is a nurse hasn’t been able to see her mother in nine months. I am sure she is completely able to take better care of her at her home and be with her also. I pray that GOD will answer your prayers and let you take care of your mom.


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