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  1. 1

    Robert Baum

    We see high school students today free to dress in all levels and varieties of clothing. Their favorite rock star, their favorite saying, etc. on a shirt. Shorts, T-shirts; adult level sexy and worse… Few, very few schools have a dress code! And those dress codes are quite liberal.
    For any fair (not prejudice) intelligent human being to attack the Presidential slogan in a nation where ANTIFA and BLM promote Marxist SOCIALIST platforms (see their web-sites) is either very unaware or against our Constitution and Republic!

    1. 1.1

      Dawn Doran

      People who are not true American, wants to destroy and take over the Socialist way and not the Real American way..I was born 1949 and this dirty crap is getting out of hand..

  2. 2


    It’s funny. I remember when the coon was in office, teachers were making students sing songs about the communist coon.

    1. 2.1

      Kerry D Draper

      Yeah…I’m a staunch conservative. And I fully believe this principal was in the wrong, but your comment is waaaay out of line. This is why conservatives get a bad name.

  3. 3


    If that was my son, both he and myself would be wearing that cap, there is a first amendment right so don’t try to destroy it, just because some yeayho says he was in the army doesn’t mean much, how long and what kind of discharge does he have? As a 20 plus year USAF retiree I would tell this big shot where he could go!

  4. 4

    Dan WRIGHT

    The “hate” is coming from the principal and his kind!

  5. 5


    The only racist is Gary Krahn let him explain how Make American Great Again is Racist . BLM is more racist cause points to only one skin color

  6. 6


    This teacher had no right to bully this student into not wearing this hat. Everything to these people that they don’t like is RACIST!!! I am sure glad I don’t live in CA. I am tired of being called RACIST because I am white, & this word constantly being used. I guess I am racists!!!

  7. 7

    Terry Fowler

    The teacher is wrong. The hat promotes freedom to wear what you want and does not have anything to do with racism. Antifa and BLM are racist. Our President is not A Racist
    He is doing a great job for America and the
    Congress is Racist ie Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and others in the Democratic Party
    They Hate America and the American people
    They are the Racist. Get Real we know what
    These idiots Are

  8. 8


    I don’t believe that headmaster. If he is oppose the words are America Great Again” then he is NOT a patriot and doe NOT believe in the constitution. He should be removed.

  9. 9


    This is the trend. A principal actually stated that the MAGA hat was a symbol of racism and hatred as he stood at the school he is Principal of. The school that costs more yearly for 1 student to attend than most poor people make in a year.?
    Well that’s racist and a symbol of hatred itself. This idiot doesn’t even listen to himself speak.
    There are poor kids ,lower class , middle class kids that look at that school as a place their not allowed or can’t go to. What does that say? It’s a school !!!!!!!!! But because I’m not rich , I can’t go there!
    It seems to me that California has become a place that is responsible for growing these idiot humans. There sure are a lot of idiots there.

  10. 10

    John Degand

    I would tell that guy, and that’s saying it politely, thanks but no thanks. No I’ll keep my hat and wear it. He doesn’t understand the meaning of Free Speech.

  11. 11

    Amy Syrell

    Since when is a Make America Great Again hat a symbol of racism? There is no word or phrase on that hat that says anything about racism; only a plea to make our country great all over again. Our President is NOT a racist and because this hat carries his wishes doesn’t make the hat racist. President Trump has done more for ethnic and non-Caucasian Americans that any recent president. Do you think that’s racist? Maybe President Trump doesn’t meet your ideas of what a president should look like, say things, or send Tweets. However, I don’t think that anyone has any reason to call him a racist or have any indications that his actions and policies have done anything but good things for this country.

  12. 12


    The head of the school actually said gonna 3 times ( not going to) ? what exactly are they teaching ?

    BLM is a symbol of racism and Marxism

    MAGA actually is a symbol of constitution loving freedom, and disdain of the Marxist deep state, and its inherent corruption.

    Krahn has a serious case of TDS.

  13. 13


    That school master is exercising selective 1st amendment freedoms. That’s using his authority to censor people and a”vulnerable” at that. “Making America Great Again” is offensive! Hmm! Sounds like he’s not in touch with freedoms he promotes because he listens to a selective group who find such a statement offensive. The hat and Trump are not racist. I wonder what his reaction would have been if the child wore a hat that read “Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior” I guess that would be so offensive he would have expelled the kid! This school master is only selectively tolerant and would insult the dignity of over half the US population. So much for dignity! BTW the kids parents are also hypocrites and cowards.

  14. 14

    Debbie Banks

    I would have my son /daughter wear a hat that says ” Krahn – KMA ” . I would be more than happy to provide these hats to each and evert student should they request . Any further banning would result in a MEGA suit !

  15. 15

    Randal Banks

    Typical Californian teacher at an elitist school playing the bully role ! If my son or daughter were the student that was were forbidden to wear the MAGA hat , he and the school could be in a major MEGA suit !

  16. 16

    Bob Donaldsonson

    Krahn should be banned from having any contact with students. He clearly does not have education credentials.

  17. 17


    I think that all parents who disagree with this liberal half wit should get all their children a magazine hat and let them ware them to school to show that it is absolutely not hatred mor racist. We as Americans are fighting a battle we must win to save our nation from these socialist, communist outsiders.

  18. 18

    Carol Kimball

    I guess you are! And I’m glad you don’t live in California too. But you’re right, this principal should not have bullied any student.


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