A Houston police officer was shot and killed Monday afternoon after entering the parking lot of a hotel, according to reports.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo identified the fallen officer as Sgt. Sean Rios, 47, a 25-year veteran of the department. Acevedo said he leaves behind four children who are between the ages of 9 and 17 years old.

Houston Police Department conducted an escort for Sgt. Rios that began at Little York Rd at North Interstate Highway 45 under the freeway and then inbound on the service road.

A reporter from Houston’s Fox 26 cited sources who said the off-duty officer was shot around 1:30 p.m. in his vehicle after pulling into the parking lot of the hotel 7600 block of North Interstate Highway 45. The officer made it to the lobby, where he died.

Police reportedly closed off the intersection of Interstate 45 and Gulf Freeway. Officers told motorists traveling on I-45 North to “expect delays and use alternative routes.”

Houston Police Officer’s Union President Joe Gamaldi asked that the sergeant “who was shot and killed this afternoon,” along with their family and all Houston Police Officers be kept in “thoughts and prayers.”

“We will not stop until we find the monster/monsters responsible,” Gamaldi tweeted.

No further information was released.

HPD could not be reached for comment.


7 thoughts on “Texas Cop, Father of 4, Shot and Killed After Entering Hotel Parking Lot”
  1. I pray you find such a person as this that would do such a horrific thing as this. Now there are 4 children who lost their father.my prayers are with the family, I pray they will look to God for guidance.

  2. No regard for human life is a term before used to describe rouge countries outside of the USA. Now it’s unfortunately a term attached to persons right next door to us. Prayers for the soul of this officer and his family. May God be with you. Pitiful…

  3. It’s a disgrace how law enforcement lacking in respect from their communities. The Bible says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. In other words God says if we kill someone our life shall also be taken basically. Also I believe people who sexually abuse children should be hurt sexually the way they have hurt children. There sex organs should be surgically removed and they should have to suffer the way the ones they abused suffered

  4. It is long past the time that a law, recommended by the president, stating that ANY killing of a police officer will cause the ‘perp’ to be prosecuted under a MANDATORY ‘death penalty’ charge! That mandate to apply in all 50 states. Police officer resignations and early retirement are at record numbers! This indiscriminate ‘slaughter’ of our men and women in blue has to end Americans are already at greater risk of violence.

  5. We honor Sgt. and hero Sean Rios. We’re going to miss him because they’re a few men like him who loved justice and peace. May the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ comfort our 4 children’s and all the family and relatives.
    We thank our Lord Jesus Christ, for leading us to where the coward hides, so justice can be served and freedom and security restored in Texas.

  6. Our sympathy go out to his family. We think of you all and know this is an extremely difficult time for you all. What a senseless cowardice act of the shooter, we hope he is caught and brought to justice.

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