President Trump is “seriously” considering a 2024 bid for president and has “100%” mentioned it in conversations with his top advisers in recent days, a Trump campaign senior adviser and a Trump ally told CBS News.

CBS News previously reported that while no decisions have been made, Trump advisers have been actively working to keep the president’s options open as they begin to plan his political future. However, the president plans to exhaust his legal options before any decisions are made.

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer called Mr. Trump last week to convey his support for the president’s efforts to contest the election results, as first reported by Politico. An official close to Cramer said that Mr. Trump told the North Dakota lawmaker, “If this doesn’t work out, I’ll just run again in four years.”

Despite these private comments, Mr. Trump has publicly refused to concede the election. He has repeatedly cast doubts about the legitimacy of the contest, even as his administration officials have called this the most secure election in history. The president has even claimed that he won the election, though President-elect Joe Biden has been projected to win 306 electoral votes to Mr. Trump’s 232. Most Republican lawmakers have also declined to acknowledge Mr. Biden’s victory.

Mr. Trump’s campaign has launched several lawsuits in critical states which supported Mr. Biden, although the majority of these lawsuits have so far been unsuccessful. The federal agency which oversees the presidential transition, the General Services Administration, has yet to formally kickstart the transition process. This has not stopped Mr. Biden from beginning the transition without federal support.

16 thoughts on “Trump is “Seriously” Considering a 2024 Bid for President”
  1. I support our President, 100 %! This election has entirely too many fraudulent issues…& the mail in voting was promoted by Democrats!!! If you are able to go to the grocery store, you can vote in person! Our country needs the strength & leadership of President Trump, NOT the agenda of the Democratic Party…to take everything away…& give it to illegal immigrants!

  2. I want President Trump to hang in there and fight . I am certain that this election was fraudulent. Soros and Obama working overtime to make sure their dirty politics would be in favor of Biden. No wonder Biden and Harris did not do much campaigning because they knew they were going to win. Why would anyone trust Obama and Soros? Obama was a puppet for Soros in the White House. He was placed in the White House to begin our country’s takedown. The Deep state exists and they are your exclusive mega money people. These people feel they are the only ones to be entitled to dictate how the little people should live. I think it is time for us to take back our country and stop the car left. Mr. and Mrs. Obama hate America and Americans; but they didn’t mind taking the money and perks of being president. During his dictatorship he made sure to keep hate alive between black and white. He and his wife are the biggest liars and got right in with Soros, deep state, Pelosi, Clintons and all the other swamp people. There is no Democratic party anymore. When did we vote for Socialism?? I didn’t vote for Socialism nor did most of America. I am tired of the government lies. Obama’s dirty staff should have been kicked to the curb when President Trump became President. Step up Patriots and fight for our Constitution and our rights. What is happening now is what our founding fathers were afraid of. Too much government. Stand for our freedoms. I don’t care what color your skin is. All I want is to live in the America that I know and love. Why did these foreigners .com to America if they judged wanted to change America to what they had in their country?? To sow hate and distruction. It is time Americans saw justice done. You know how dirty politics is when none of these people have had to pay for their crimes. Now they are trying to get us to believe that their was no fraud during our recent election. The deplorable are not as dumb as you think. Why do you think the Obama’s have stayed in Washington??? Do not be taken in by the dirty media and democrats. Stand up for your President who certainly isn’t Biden!!!!

  3. President Trump won this election and I pray he doesn’t give up. Joe Biden will destroy our country. This election was fraudulent and it is clear that President Trump won even against all this corruption. We the people want to see indictments when this is settled. We are counting on Justice and integrity to prevail so this will never happen again.

  4. I thought we referred to our president as President Trump, not Mr. Trump there have been those that I disliked but still respected them as my president.

  5. A sad, failing, frail state for us as Republicans- we will need new blood and a new cast of characters. This is embarrassing. Vaccines great, all 50 states have increasing cases with no comment or plan.He was wrong; we are talking about COVID-19 because hospitalizations are up 47%. He fires staff and evens scores and resentment. The Pentagon and Mitch McConnell don’t support the drawdown. What a mess he is creating. Judges are laughing at his court cases, and legal firms withdrawing representation.Ang the emails I get, 50% to pay off debt and for the PAC, not legal fees. No class; new blood. Stop the lawyers, lying, and narcissism.
    A Republican in Houston

  6. What needs to happen is a redo on the election full or just battle ground. It’s not just Trump the American people had their votes stood by traitors of the USA . We will not stand back and let the Biden gange rape our country and sale our people out. He along with his cronies are traitors and a good question why in the hell are these protest goin on if theirs a spike. Oh I know so you can assault babies and hit old people with bricks. Good question how many people handled those mail in ballots that’s a worse out break spreader than anything else. This virus is airborne so people pay close attention you can get it from touch, breathing . Body fluids, air conditioning units through your eyes. Food contact and from your dog. Feeling any safer with that stupid mask false since of security and control . You can bet Americans true americans are not gonna see our country sold out to 3 rd world country’s.

  7. I don’t know how they can say that Biden won I call every day and my vote has still NOT been counted I voted for 50 years since I was 21 and this was the first time I had to do a provisional I was not allowed to go into the voting booth to vote WHY I was given a provisional and told to call to see if my vote was counted as of today it was not counted WHY

  8. FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR YOU. I HAVE DONATED TO both your campaign and the defense fund. Saw a report about military and Frankfort Germany proving you won by a landslide. 410 to 128 is this propaganda or true? You still have a chance we can not have Biden and the leftists in the whitehouse They will ruin this country. FIGHT FIGHT AND FIGHT SOME MORE

  9. Mr. President. don’t stop fighting you are the only one who can fight this The state. No other politician would be strong enough to put up with this kind of assault. The American people who voted for you like me and my family are handling these so in my character and my family and my country in different Ways I have to remind myself constantly what would Jesus do. Because the globalist only understand two things money and violence. We will continue to pray for you in the country we the people see the truth. So don’t stop fighting you won this election overwhelmingly.

  10. We CAN NOT Concede! So they can undo everything and pack courts/country with criminals, take down our partial wall & continue propaganda.
    What base Trump has NOW could be gone in 4 years- due to lies & threats, further foreign infiltration!
    Forget the 4 year carrot statement!
    The people are behind Our President NOW

  11. Trump is trying to deny democracy. He still thinks that because he is “rich” everyone should do what he says. He, Trump is the reason we kicked the English out in the first place.
    But, refusing to acknowledge that he lost, and getting out of the way, borders on treason!

    1. Mark, President Trump is only making sure the vote was legal. Do you understand the word treason? A good example of treason would be the actions of the FBI, CIA, and others trying to oust President Trump from the presidency orchestrated by Obama, wouldn’t it?

  12. President Donald Trump had his 3nd term stolen from him by lowdown dirty Democrats .. no doubt about it .. it’s IMO been planned since day one ..
    We luv yu President Trump .. pls run again if timing is not on your side 2 prove fraud this time .. Trump 2024 !
    Meantime .. pls appoint a Special Prosecutor 2 make sure dirty Biden .. his druggie son & money hungry family are brought 2 bare .. stay on Biden every damned day in the news like they did yu .. if yu do run in 2024 God knows yu will b left a mess from the Biden-Harris admin .. but the country needs yu .. this time we will b more prepared 4 the cheating .. law should b only on person voters with proper ID can vote..
    My biggest concern is the influx of illegals that Biden is going 2 allow in .. giving them an unfair advantage 4 votes ..& we kno Harris is gonna run on “first woman .. first black woman” .. which is exactly why she was chosen as Biden’s VP ..
    4 more years .. we gotta get this election turned around ..

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