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    17 years in prison or just hang them, either sounds good for both of them. They failed their moral legal obligation to the people of their state and should be punished for it as an example for others, as an example

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    Time to jail the prosecutors for the same amount of time that the young woman served.

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    Lilaberdia Batties

    How horrible. Both of the prosecutors should be disbarred. I am an attorney. Racial bias in the courtroom should not be tolerated under no circumstance. They took 17 years of this woman’s life and there is no way she can get it back. Not even $10,000,000.00 would adequately compensate her for the astrosities she has suffered.

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      How come you can’t spell?

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    This is so very heartbreaking that she spent 17 years of her life behind bars. They should put her nephew and the 2 prosecutors behind bars

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    Put both criminal prosecutors in jail for twice the time the innocent victim spent. Are the Asians going to team up with the blm and antifa to burn and destroy cities all over the USA?
    blm and antifa lives do not matter to me for those are thugs decent blacks are like all of us and do not want to commit crimes or destroy others property.

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    This is horrible. Many people are arrested for arson because the insurance companies don’t want to pay up and they have corporate lawyers to extend the trials until the accused person runs out of money and gives up trying to defend themself in court. Frances was a teenager and had no where else to go . Not a likely suspect anyway. The whole thing is a tragedy.


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