A Chicago man has been accused of homicide after a lethal battle that started when he put his hands in the Thanksgiving leftovers, according to authorities.

James Dixon, 39, is accused of murdering Vincell Jackson, 52, who was the beau of the Thanksgiving party have.

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Jackson was attempting to accompany Dixon out of the house since he had placed his hands in extras early Friday, Assistant State’s Attorney Susie Bucaro said. The battle moved to the yard, where Jackson was wounded at any rate multiple times, Bucaro told an adjudicator Sunday. Dixon fled yet was later gotten with a blood-shrouded blade, the investigator said. Dixon’s guard lawyer said he was appropriately protecting himself.

The Chicago Tribune reports a “warmed contention” started when Dixon began delving into the extra food with his uncovered hands.

Dixon purportedly “sucker-punched” the more established man and the battle moved to the home’s entryway patio before the wounding, Bucaro told the adjudicator. The episode happened around 3:15 a.m. Friday in the Marquette Park area.

Dixon was accused of first-degree murder. The casualty endured nine cut injuries, including a few to his head, face and left arm, specialists said.

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