President Trump’s request that Congress rewrite the massive coronavirus relief bill passed earlier this week to include direct payments of $2,000 to Americans is being met with cheers from progressive Democrats. 

“Let’s do it,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in a tweet late Tuesday. “[Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.)] and I already co-wrote the COVID amendment for $2,000 checks, so it’s ready to go.”

“Glad to see the President is willing to support our legislation,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

In a video message earlier Tuesday evening, Trump ripped the $2.3 Trillion bill, which as written includes stimulus checks of only $600 as part of a $900 billion in coronavirus relief funding. The bill also includes another $1.4 trillion to fund the government through most of next year.

“A few months ago, Congress started negotiations on a new package to get urgently needed help to the American people. It’s taken forever. However, the bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace,” Trump said.

“Despite all of this wasteful spending and much more, the $900 billion package provides hardworking taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments, and not enough money is given to small businesses, and in particular restaurants, whose owners have suffered so grievously.”

The bill has been criticized by many Democrats for not including enough money in stimulus checks for Americans and no funding for state and local governments adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Some Republicans have said the package is too expensive and chock full of wasteful spending and unnecessary items.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) also welcomed Trump’s remarks.

“That’s great!” he tweeted. “Now, Mr. President, get [Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell [R-Ky.] and your Republican friends to stop opposing it and we can provide working class Americans with $2,000. Let’s do it.”

Other progressives in the House echoed the sentiments.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she is ready to bring a pitch including the $2,000 checks to the House floor by unanimous consent.

Other Senate Democrats have balked at the idea of rewriting the long-sought bill, however, which is the second-largest in history and runs more than 5,000 pages.

“Trump needs to sign the bill to help people and keep the government open and we’re glad to pass more aid Americans need,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said late Tuesday night.

15 thoughts on “Far-Left Dems Support Trump’s Higher Direct Payment Request”
  1. Would love to see these congressmen and women and senators live off 600 dollars some of their dinners cost that , I feel these people should not get paid while Americans are suffering we should freeze all foreign aid till we get America back on its feet

  2. Funny how Joe Biden hasn’t, had anything to say concerning this ridiculous bill all his democrats put together. Apparently the democratic part of our congress cares more for the country’s that are our enemies than they do for the American public.
    As usual they want to fund stupid places that have nothing to do for the average American.

  3. President Trump, only sign a bill with no money going to any foreign government. This bill was suppose to be a stimulus package for Americans, but as usual the Democrats don’t care about Americans, only want to sneak in other items. 2000. Per person will be a terrific help to the American people. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

  4. Why in the hell are we sending $ overseas ?
    If we have the $ we need it here.
    Shit, dammit, son of a bitch!!!!!
    Veto the Bill
    5000 pages ?
    That’s fucking insane

  5. $1800 to illegals and family members of money taxpayers will be ultimately responsible for repaying! No way….no way on all these countries getting our money!! Stand up America.

  6. We need the $2000 checks now not later
    I’m behind on rent hospital bills I’m diabetic and I have high medical costs that I’m soon going to have to decide whether to buy insulin or food I’m laid off and then Darren needs of a large stemless check not a measly $600 check and given $1 trillion to fund the government next year the government can be funded on a different bill not a stimulus bill that’s Nancy Pelosi‘s cheap way of sneaking things through the government to get it past that should be on a separate bill completely the governments funding they don’t need a stimulus package they can do it on their own that’s not right the whole pot 2.3 million should go to the American public not the Government to fund her self Government to fund Their self through the next year that’s ridiculous that can be on a different bill and they can fight over that at a different time the American public and small businesses need help now and not just chump change we need real help Nancy Pelosi

  7. Who wrote this fu***d up bill in the first place, all these representatives are on board to give us 2k each now but months ago they had their fingers up their hoohaa’s and saying that the Republicans kept denying what congress put together because of all the Pork that was in the previous bills. What is so different with this one.

    Looks like the swamp is churning now that Sleepy Joe may get in the White House.

    We are all going pay dearly while President Harris is in charge! No bank account is safe . Funny how they say we’ll tax the rich but it always trickles down to the middle class. Wealthy people are wealthy because they know how to keep their money, they probably wanted Biden in cause stand to make a lot of money with his tax plans, more money they could not make during Trump years (this is a personal thought, no facts to back it up).

    It’s payback time for Biden, all that campaign money needs to be reimbursed!!!!

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