An illegal alien in Florida has been charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend’s roommate on Thanksgiving, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Roberto De Lira, a 45-year-old illegal alien from Brazil, was arrested and charged for allegedly murdering 51-year-old Nadir Verissimo on Thanksgiving Day. Verissimo immigrated to the United States 21 years ago.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) confirmed that De Lira originally arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 visa, but he did not leave when he was supposed to. De Lira was arrested by ICE agents in 2011 and put into deportation proceedings. In 2013, an immigration judge terminated De Lira’s deportation proceedings and he stayed in the United States illegally.

According to authorities, De Lira broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Florida home and was hiding there. When his ex-girlfriend left the residence late on November 25, De Lira allegedly confronted Verissimo, choked her using his years of Jiu-Jitsu training, and tied her up before realizing he had killed her.

De Lira then placed Verissimo in her bed and put a sheet over her body. He then waited for his ex-girlfriend to come home. When she did, De Lira put her in a chokehold. Luckily, she was able to escape the chokehold before he could strangle her to death.

De Lira held his ex-girlfriend against her will in her bedroom before eventually fleeing the residence. The ex-girlfriend did not discover Verissimo’s body until the next morning.

De Lira has been charged with first-degree murder, burglary with assault or battery, kidnapping, and false imprisonment.

ICE officials have placed a detainer on De Lira with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. This means that if he is released from jail for any reason, he will be turned over to their custody for arrest and deportation.

5 thoughts on “Florida Woman Killed by Illegal Alien on Thanksgiving”
  1. You need to just deport them on planes to their hell hole countries. Enough. They murder Americans everyday. Enough. If these judges would do their jobs this would not happen. To mayors and governor protecting these scum its time they get deported to. Think its bad now with to the buffoon joe lets every criminal from the world into America. Lets see if you post this.

  2. Shame the other country’s laws do not apply in the USA, De Liro would have either gotten 30 years in jail or the electric Chair, sending him back to his own country (Brazil) the Country might throw him a parade in his murderous honor.

  3. The JUDGE that reversed his deportation SHOULD be held RESPONSIBLE for this crime. HOLD JUDGES RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DECISIONS THEY MAKE.

  4. What? Deport him so he can sneak back into the country. Tit for Tat sounds good to me. Don to him what he did to that poor young woman.

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