Republicans took aim at incoming deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon after she called GOP lawmakers “a bunch of f—ers” and said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is “terrible” in an interview published by Glamour on Tuesday.

Clinton responded to the criticism in a tweet Thursday, writing, “People who stood by Donald Trump for the last four years are now claiming to be offended that a Democratic campaign manager used a curse word? I don’t think so.”

People who stood by Donald Trump for the last four years are now claiming to be offended that a Democratic campaign manager used a curse word? I don’t think so.

– Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) December 17, 2020

Users who responded to Clinton’s tweet were quick to point out Trump’s past use of explicit language, especially in a 2005 “Access Hollywood” video clip which surfaced weeks before the 2016 election in which he bragged about kissing and groping women without their consent.

Others on Twitter have also vocalized their grievances with the attention placed on O’Malley Dillon’s remarks, including NBC and MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle, who wrote that more focus should instead be given to the people who have lost jobs during the coronavirus pandemic and that “Over 300,000 Americans have died from COVID.”

-Over 300,000 Americans have died from COVID

-Millions have lots jobs

-Millions have slipped into poverty & unemployment benefits are set to expire


Scoop: Jen O’Malley Dillon’s “f*cker” quote under fire – Axios

– Stephanie Ruhle (@SRuhle) December 17, 2020

Biden spokeswoman and incoming White House communications director Kate Bedingfield on Wednesday also defended O’Malley Dillon, writing in a tweet, “so @jomalleydillon would be the first to tell you her mom doesn’t approve of the spicy language, but I would be the first to tell you that the point she was making in this conversation with @GlennonDoyle is spot on: unity and healing are possible – and we can get things done.”

During the Glamour interview, O’Malley Dillon defended Biden from criticism within his own party over his insistence that Republicans would warm to the idea of working with him.

“In the primary, people would mock him, like, ‘You think you can work with Republicans?’ I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of f—ers. Mitch McConnell is terrible. But this sense that you couldn’t wish for that, you couldn’t wish for this bipartisan ideal? He rejected that,” she told Glennon Doyle.

O’Malley Dillon continued, saying that the former vice president, “Set out with this idea that unity was possible, that together we are stronger, that we, as a country, need healing, and our politics needs that too.”

Despite the support O’Malley Dillon has received from fellow Democrats, Axios reported Wednesday afternoon that some advisers close to Biden were frustrated over the Glamour interview.

“For those of us who, from Day One, bought into Biden’s calls for civility and a return to normalcy, this isn’t just beyond the pale – it’s plain stupid,” one Biden donor told Axios.

The news outlet also reported that some donors want O’Malley Dillon to apologize to both Biden and congressional Republicans.

15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Slams Trump Supporters… Again”
  1. There is no place in our Government for this kind of behavior. Biden said he will unite America. Bring the American people back together. With that kind of language from key members of his staff and he hasn’t been sworn in as the next, and I hate to say President, of the United States of America, sure isn’t a great start.

  2. Someone a long time ago made the comment that when people use profanity , they do so because they don’t have a good enough vocabulary to express themselves any other way. Quite frankly, my theory is, they just show how TRASHY they really are.

    1. Ann,
      My father told me that when I was a child. I am in my sixties now, I have to say that my father was correct. I have found that speaking without any profanity has always had the results in my favor . When I am the recipient of a well phrased statement I find myself listening more intently to the speaker. As I am sure you do as well. When I receive a profanity laced tweet, post, comment, etc. my reply is pretty much the same, “ I see you have a great grasp of the English language “ ….lol. That usually ends the rant.

  3. Hillary will never get over the fact that she is a “loser” in every sense of the word. As far as her comment slamming Trump supporters for being offended at the curse word used by a Democratic operative to describe Republican lawmakers, I wonder whether Hillary would be offended at the profanity laced descriptive comments made about her, that cannot be printed here…..I think so!

  4. Democrats a bunch of lying thieving crying backstabbing no good socialist communist my way or the hi way rotten to the core insane pieces of shit ! Not a good one in the lot. Unity ? Yeah well that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Democrats are a cancer and we need to eliminate the cancer down to the last cell or it will come right back. It’s past time the patient is almost dead from the cancer growing inside. If we don’t take action now the patient will not survive.


    In 4 years the republic will be gone if the communist democrats are allowed into the White House. Save the republic eliminate the cancer known as the communist democrat scum party!!!

    1. Husky,
      I see you are not one to beat around the bush? Or sugar coat how you feel about things that effect us all. Well said!!! I agree with you 100%. Keep up the good fight. Shoot straight.

  5. Apologize? I don’t think they have any idea of how an apology works. They have been rude, confrontational, disrespectful to the office of the president and President Trump, in fact to the country as a whole. They can’t show respect or concern, real concern for their own supporters. Seriously, I am not saying this to be mean or vindictive. I actually believe it. These types of people are foreign to Americans and their way of life. Hillary Clinton is like the poster woman for evil. It’s not a new persona that has come to fruition. She has been evil at heart her adult life. Since college. I have researched her past and know what I speak of. Because of the person Bill Clinton was , yes was, she is able to get away with the evil I spoke about. He was such a counter to her that it went unnoticed for decades. She is as conniving as she is evil. Don’t confuse conniving with intelligence. The power she was given, or perhaps she simply took, has developed into the cesspool of the squad and every other wannabe Pelosi we are dealing with today. I am suffering from a chronic illness and I am in the end stages. I feel bad for those who don’t want to surrender to the evil enveloping the DC area and surrounding areas.

  6. Hillary Clinton is a figure of her own imagination and thinks that her opinions mean something. This nut hasn’t got the inkling that her time in politics have passed and she should stay home snd knit. Who is she to knock Trump supporters when she lost not once but twice the bid for President. Go away Hillary and hide in the basement like old sleepy creepy Joe did.

  7. This is for that sour faced loser Hillary;Get over it, you lost because you should have and you have ABSOLUTELY NO STANDING in this country and should
    never had any. Hypocrites like you will eventually bring this country down
    since you do not have the brains to know when to keep your ignorant
    mouth shut.

  8. The Democrats are the most arrogant human beings compare to them Trump an Angel I think Pelosi reveal who comes first to Democrats it’s what they want they are not for the people just listen to Pelosi words . How about the Democratic who told her soldiers you know what to do . Biden’s connection to China come people are we that stupid. Remember the time when some strong man said these words “ All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing “ it’s time to destroy the Nazi Democratic Party .

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