Police Pepper Spray, Wrestle and Arrest Man for Recording Son’s Arrest

Police Pepper Spray, Wrestle and Arrest Man for Recording Son’s Arrest

  23 Dec 2020

Some Texas cops are getting sued over a simple traffic stop that turned into 2 completely outrageous arrests in what, on video, appears to be a disgusting abuse of power.

This Keller PD body cam footage shows Sgt. Blake Shimanek pulling over Dillon Puente for allegedly making a wide right turn. That’s it.

But, watch the video, Shimanek immediately escalated things by ordering Dillion out of his car. Why? Because he had rolled up his window. Shimanek said to him, “Why are you acting so suspicious?”

Next thing ya know … Dillon’s getting handcuffed and his father, Marco Puente, happened to drive by and witness this. The concerned parent pulled over and stood on the sidewalk across the street recording his son’s arrest with his phone.

This clearly pissed off Shimanek, who ordered another officer to go arrest Marco … allegedly for interfering with an arrest. Eventually, Shimanek and the other cop end up wrestling Marco to the ground, grabbing at his phone, and pepper spraying him.

They cuffed Marco and arrested him … while Dillon had to pay a ticket for the wide right turn just to get released from jail.

Marco filed a lawsuit last week against the officers for the August 15 arrest — he alleges they denied him medical attention for nearly 20 minutes after he was pepper sprayed.

Shimanek’s already been demoted by Keller PD which conducted an internal investigation and found his conduct was unbecoming of an officer … and his use of force was “inappropriate.”

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He could also use a lesson in how exactly democracy works, as Marco Puente was merely exercising his Constitutional rights when he recorded his son’s arrest.

1 thought on “Police Pepper Spray, Wrestle and Arrest Man for Recording Son’s Arrest

  1. I don’t believe any of that! Just doing his job, and don’t interfere with an arrest, better yet, follow to PD an now do your thing, oh, don’ t BLAME you son, oh no, blame the police for expecting YOUR son to be respectful . YOU, FATHER, didn’t do YOUR job and demand respect to a civil servant! Own up to YOUR failure!

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