This week, news broke that Bill Barr had officially appointed John Durham Special Counsel in order to allow him to continue his investigation under a probable Joe Biden administration. That investigation centers on government corruption regarding the Trump-Russia saga, though the mandate is as broad as Robert Mueller’s was. That means he can essentially pursue whatever he finds.

While the appointment is certainly welcome news given the alternative (i.e. it being shut down completely in January), the timing was a surprise to many. According to Barr’s letter, Durham had in fact been appointed to the position on October 19th, 2020. For over a month, and before the election, the move had been kept completely secret.

If the appointment of Robert Mueller was done completely out in the open, including being known during a crucial election season in 2018, why should things have been any different for Durham’s appointment? Didn’t voters deserve to know that the investigation had escalated in such a way that it dictated increased independence and protection for the investigator?

Instead, we were lead to believe via a series of leaks that Durham had essentially decided to close up shop, forgoing on charging several criminal acts that had already been made public. While I’m not suggesting it would have made a huge difference in the election, I’m sure there were some people who felt disillusioned by such news. Had we known that Durham was in fact now a special counsel, it could have been another spark heading into the election.

It’s also worth noting that this being kept so quiet makes the DOJ look even more political. When something could hurt Trump, it always leaked out over the last four years.

The major liberal newspapers had a direct pipeline into the department. But every careerist who had access to this newest information suddenly decided to keep their mouths shut precisely. You’d be forgiven for assuming that’s because it could have actually helped Trump for this to get out.

What exactly was the play here? Barr had the chance to be consistent, revealing this appointment immediately just as other special counsels were treated and giving voters a chance to react to it. Hiding it is not a good look, and I think he should have to answer for that. This idea that he didn’t want to interfere in an election doesn’t wash.

It was interference to not have all the facts out in the open. Every time something like this happens, Republicans only become more skeptical of the DOJ and FBI, and rightly so. Trump should demand to know what the purpose of the timing here was and why he was denied what Democrats were given in 2018 by the very same department. Namely, public transparency.

8 thoughts on “What’s Going On With Barr? From Trump Ally To An Outsider”
  1. AG Barr Durham had better get on the ball and let people know what they found out. It is getting late before Jan 20 and the people need to know

  2. It’s suspect to say the least. Rino’s at work , very possible. Barr has many ties with that group. Not particularly fans of President Trump he spoiling their party as well as the Dem’s.

  3. I look at all of the evidence surrounding Barr’s performance and only one solution answers all of the questions: Barr was never a friend of Trump-he has been solidly deep state from day one. As with all other members of the deep state, the idea is to quietly pretend you are doing your job until it is time to jump up and do the most harm you can to Trump. Barr hired Durham to dig out the facts on the corrupt Russian collusion fiasco (made us believe he was a Trump man), but then flushed the results down the toilet without anyone ever seeing or hearing any of it. The investigation started and then it was announced it was becoming a criminal investigation (we were sucked in again-he’s out for blood). Barr is sending his cops (FBI) to find voter fraud (this time he’s going right for the gold, amazingly they can’t find any hint of fraud). His job is not to find fraud, it’s to convince us the election was honest. Now, he’s picking Durham to continue investigating Russian collusion-fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    1. As someone who worked for government the last twenty years I can tell you THERE IS NO COORDINATED DEEP STATE! Most government workers are trying to do a good job of meeting the needs of the public and don’t have time or energy to get involved in conspiritorial action. The “Deep State” is just a lot of dedicated public servants doing their job, which means following the laws. The reason Barr didn’t make beg news announcing his findings in the Russian Investigation investigation and the voter fraud investigations is that THERE WAS NOTHING TO ANNOUNCE! He would have loved to show anything in support of the crackpot ideas, but he couldn’t. By the way your “evidence” is only opinion. From my view all the “evidence” leads me to believe that Barr has been Grumps lap dog since his appointment.

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