A Maryland woman shot her police officer husband dead before turning the gun on herself — just hours after she shared a video of their wedding on social media.

Authorities say Christina Lynn Francis, 41, and Timothy Eugene Francis, 50, were found dead inside their home on November 27 by Christina’s dad, who stopped by to check on things after not being able to get a hold of either his daughter or son-in-law by phone. He called 911 upon discovering the bodies, resulting in a preliminary investigation concluding that Christina had shot her husband and then killed herself.

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The apparent murder-suicide happened about 12 hours after Christina posted a video of the couple’s 2017 beachfront nuptials in Santa Monica, Calif., to Facebook.

Her accompanying caption to the video indicated that the marriage was currently in peril, or at the very least had been weathering some recent trouble. Filled with numerous typos and rambling sentence structure, her words also suggested she was mentally in distress.

“This day meant everything to me. This marriage wasn [sic] put together for a great reson [sic]. couldn’t more confident and stayed forever not giving up,” she wrote. “I love you and what we had together. U you all I even want NEEDED. YOU AND I BELONGED TOGETHEN [sic] AND ALWAYS. We had 6 years of experience and nmemories [sic] that should have taken presence over everything in everything we did but be got lost in petty s**t you believed was a mistake.”

She followed that post with an equally scrambled one directed at her two children. “I love you both with my heart,” she captioned a photo of the kids — one boy, one girl, both appearing to be in their early teens.

Timothy Francis had been a Washington, D.C., police officer for 20 years, and was most recently a detective in the homicide squad that investigates presumed natural deaths, according to D.C. police.

Neighbors told local news that they had no idea the couple was having any issues.

According to neighbor Delancey Praylow III, Christina was seen the day of the shooting on an ordinary walk through the neighborhood.

“She had just walked past me walking her dog … and an hour and a half later, we heard the police sirens,” he said.

“[They seemed like] good folks,” Praylow added, noting that they’d all been hanging out at a neighborhood get-together not too long ago. “She just shared a piece of cake with me at the gathering, and she was real nice.”

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  1. Alien and/or devil possessed?
    I have always maintained, we humans are the worst thing tha God created, thanks to God who allowed the Devil to be with us all the time shadowing and pounding on us !!

  2. Boy this is very rare. When a white women marries a black man verses a white man marrying a black woman the odds are very high that the black man will kill his wife but not the other way. You will never get the FBI stats on this because it is not PC.
    Just check and find the truth.

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