A very well-known and respected UFOlogist predicts that 2021 will bring with it some shocking reveal about UFOs and aliens.

Given the stunning revelations about extraterrestrials that occurred in 2020 – including the jaw-dropping admission by the US Department of Defense that UFOs do exist – British UFO expert Nick Pope is certain that the “clock is ticking” on new disclosures about the phenomenon that he said could have a far-reaching impact in the foreseeable future.

Pope, who used to run the UK government’s now-defunct UFO department, cited his sources as saying that the Ministry of Defense is looking into UFO sightings despite its officially stated skepticism over the matter. UFO investigations were canceled by the MoD at the end of 2009 on the grounds that they allegedly served no particular defense purpose and were diverting attention from more crucial operations.

“However, I understand from reliable and well-placed sources that this isn’t entirely correct and that sightings are still being looked at, in the margins of other defense business, with terms like ‘UFO’ being scrupulously avoided, to try to avoid creating Freedom of Information Act liability,” the ex-head of the UFO desk said.

Pope also noted that a task force set up by the US government has already ostensibly shared some interim conclusions with its British counterparts, stressing that some of the upcoming revelations could be really “seismic.”

“There’s a momentum building up, and there’s no smoke without fire. The clock is now ticking on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s demand for a report on the UFO phenomenon from the Director of National Intelligence”, Pope said, claiming the UFO revelations might come in due time, hand-in-hand with some other indirectly related initiatives, for instance, a COVID-19 relief bill.

“A response is due within 180 days of the enactment of the COVID-19 relief bill because this bill contained the Intelligence Authorization Act, where the UFO requirement was articulated”, Pope explained, adding that “the US Department of Defense has known since June of the committee’s request, and the US Navy’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force is probably already working on drafting the response,” so the public may obtain it sooner than the late June deadline, he assumed.

The report, he went on, however important it may be, is only a part of a more complex process, and “we’re going to see some big UFO stories in 2021.”

In March last year, the Pentagon stirred interest in UFOs by declassifying three videos showing what it described as “unexplained aerial phenomena.” Astonished Navy fighter pilots filmed objects apparently moving at angles and speeds outpacing any known man-made craft.

Pope says what will likely be revealed this year will be even bigger and more stunning than that.

Do you think the truth about UFOs and contact with aliens will be officially released this year? Please reply using the comments below!

15 thoughts on “Big News About Aliens Coming in 2021”
  1. There appears to be a rumour circulating that there is a ‘facility’ outside of Wuhan where ‘hogs and swine’ are being fitted with drone elements and ‘para-gliding’ equipment.

  2. Yes I do. Our White House officials are being attacked by the priviledged in this country. Some new news of any distraction better surface, or lady liberty will fall on her knees.

  3. this could possibllity….. be not Aliens…..but the rapture of the Church of Christian Saints…….we do not know the day or the hour……but we as Christians know that the times are very short….

  4. One thing every body needs to know is that aliens are falling angels that are here to divert us from seeking GOD. Because GOD created everything, nothing is above HIM. We all need to seek GOD and JESUS more now than any time in history. For we are living in the last days

  5. I have always believed in other people living in the universe and beyond. But right now, this could be a ploy to take our mind away from the fraudulent election and what is to happen in the near future to our great nation.

  6. I have always believed in other people living in the universe and beyond. But right now, this could be a ploy to take our mind away from the fraudulent election and what is to happen in the near future to our great nation.

    1. The truth is coming sooner. We are about to fly a helicopter on Mars. This is small compared to what is about to be released.

  7. I have always believed in UFO’s. Me and my wife had a personal experience with these critters back around 2007. I believe the government already have contacted them for some longtime. But the government is trying to hide the truth by delaying the process as long as they can because they must found a way to learn something from them. I believe they’ve been helping us with a special agreement or trade among them. That’s why the government will try take advantage of this trade as much as possible. I believe this a very risky operation but the American greed is far more powerful than our safety.

    1. Agree Jose, we are seeing quite a few small space ships darting through our night skies around out areas which also has become extremely busy with positioning of more Satellites around in NSW Australia near what has become our Major Defence Base over the last 6 months especially with Covid process’s. Also the reason Crypto Money ( Space Money as I call it ) is on the rise but not taken well with the some offices as taxation as formats are passing through some fingers.
      As Noel has Mention I am sure Some Things will start Coming to a Head or is that on Ground Finally this year and we only have 6months left of it so I’m getting abit excited and yes it has been covered up for a long time now…. Earthlings have been rudely intruding upon other out in that Big Universe for many years now. So it there payback time. Being a ET lover I’m looking forward to what is coming in this New World in some ways

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