A Georgia man who was arrested in relation to his involvement in the Capitol Hill riot last week has committed suicide, according to WXIA. He was one of four men from Georgia who had been charged for playing a role in the riot.

According to Fulton County Medical Examiner, Christopher Stanton Georgia from Alpharetta, Georgia died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. He was found dead in his home on Saturday.

He was charged with attempting to “enter certain property, that is, the United States Capitol Grounds, against the will of the United States Capitol Police,” according to documents from the Superior Court of DC.

Christopher, along with a group of other men, was initially arrested for violating the municipally-imposed curfew. They were arrested outside at 7:15 pm, over an hour after the 6:00 pm curfew.

Christopher’s death remains “under investigation,” and authorities have since removed two rifles from his home.

10 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Protester Commits Suicide”
  1. Who did he use, a double of himself?
    Sounds like he was murdered to me. I believe a shot in the head usually pertains to suicide, but also a shogun can do the trick if you put it inside your mouth and even that may fail and leave you alive anyway.

    Suicide MY ASS.

  2. He didn’t shoot himself! He was shot. Why would he kill himself? And the article never addressed a note being left, speaking with family or friends, etc. The article just HAD to mention 2 rifles were removed from the house. Like that is something evil and most Americans have!

  3. Yea! Sur we are supposed to beleive “HE KILLED HIMSELF”? With all of the FBI and Justice Department involved in investigating these Intruders of the White House, we are supposed to beleive he killed himself? Ha! Assination would be more like it. The FBI ran by the Democrats haven:t any investigations of Democrats?? Why was Hillary not charged? Why was Joe Biden charged? Quid ,Quo ,Pro for with holding Funds from Ukraine, openly admitting it on Video? Why was Hunter biden”s Lap top held for over a year with Damning evidence of Corruption by Joe biden and his family??? Yea, that guy really killed himself???????

  4. YYes, the Protesters should not have entered the White House the way they did! But what about the 12th Amendment of the Constitution? Each State has the right to accept or NOT the Electoral College Votes if they think there may have been FRADULENT VOTES. This did not transpire the way it was presented. So they are going to use and Pick and Choose which amendment they want to use ,like the 25th Amendment. What a JOKE Congress is!

  5. Well now…the 2nd suicide related to this breech. I am pretty sure this and the other deaths were “suicided” by none other than the ever famous “Clinton Death Squad.” Aparently, they wern’t picking up much action from Killery and Billy Boy so they picked up a few side jobs. This so called “Riot” was all set up by Soros and the Swamp to make our President look guilty. It’s aparent “they” didn’t want any operatives to squeal.

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