Pregnant Woman

An expecting mother has drawn criticism after a relative claimed she was planning on naming her child Adolf.

In a Reddit post, someone claiming to be the sister of the expecting mother asked users for advice on how to change her mind.

They wrote, “I’m not pregnant but thought maybe some of you could provide some insight. My sister is 7 months pregnant and wants to name her son Adolf. No she’s not a Nazi, apparently she is deliberately giving him a ‘problematic’ name so that he can experience what other kids from less privileged backgrounds experience”

The post continued, “I begged her not to do this over FB messenger and she sent me this: ‘I appreciate you caring about the baby this much, but parenting amid this divided world must be radical. White parents cannot sit idly by and allow their children to take up space and snatch opportunities away from those who do it more.'”

The mother admitted that the name might “prevent him from getting a few jobs,” but she said that it might “give employers time to pause” and consider minority applicants instead. She said her arriving son would be a “better man” because of his name.

The post was shared on Twitter, sparking a big debate.

Most were offended by the name and urged the woman to reconsider.

One user wrote, “Hmm I don’t think child services normally gets involved before the birth but this might be the exception.”

Another said, “The day that kid is old enough to legally change names (and move out) cannot arrive soon enough.”

“I read the name Adolph and I immediately think it’s a white person whose mother is either an attention-seeker or a nazi, OR it’s a white dude who is from Germany or a dutch- or German-speaking country,” another user wrote.

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